For Do Kwon

Create this topic to help you listen to the voice of the community!
Without the community, the project will not go ahead and everything will be a failure again.
Too much pain has been created, please stop feeding the pain of the community and make a wise decision this time, we are with you if you are with us.
It is quite clear that this community does not agree with your new revival plan and we are sure that we can save what this project once was.
Without community you will not succeed, trust us because we are with you.


I’m sure he acts in the interest of the big validators and overlooks the bulk of the community. I hope these same validators find him, after which he will walk headlong into the asphalt.


Guys, Kwon alredy made up his mind. He will do this unfair fork. We need to make our own fork. All coins of validators that voted in favor of this unfair new proposal should be confiscated and given to the new Luna development team. The team needs to burn a big chunk of those coins which will massively reduce the Luna supply as most validators that voted in favor of the unfair new fork hold lots of coins. The remaining tokens of the new Luna development team is for them and new projects. Besides that the new team can also implement the fee burning proposal. I think this is the best solution at the moment.

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That’s the way it works here. Unwanted posts are deleted in a few minutes.

this disappeared also