Fork/Snapshot/Luna 2.0 will not get listed on Binance

Heed CZ’s advice:

Any fork or snapshot will be the DEAD chain.

Also consider my simple proposal:


This maybe will :point_down: :point_down:


You might need to offer CEXs a cut of the burn/fee/tax

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A burn is a burn hey on binance alone volume is 4.3b usd

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Good, let’s make our own DEX (with black jack tables and h…)

Adapt the terra chain for every major coin to be able to be bridged to it.

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Many have tried. Liquidity is never deep and they end up failing due to poor price discovery.

Been around long enough to know this will not work. Where is BarterDEX, Komodo Platform, etc?

All failed.


This is the way. Burn LUNA each transaction. It should have been done right from the start.

What about one directly managed by the Terra foundation, ensuring revenues and capacity to progressively backing UST, then going forward.

Why are FUDing? He put up a suggestion. He never said its not going to be listed. Sure it will be listed if there is a conflux of community opinions on that leading to a majority consensus.

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Buy Back and BURN , simple as that, this distribution proposal is BS, no one is going to invest in luna ever, they need to restore faith. Investors before or after DEPEG should not be relevant.

CZ allowed unlimited deposits of LUNA while it was hyperinflating. This DESTROYED the price and hodlers.

Compare Luna price on Binance to Bitfinex.

Difference–Bitfinex STOPPED LUNA deposits.

Fair to say I will not listen to Binance re:Luna


Avoiding a problem does not make the problem go away! Same chain, same coin. Stopping flows in/out does f-all for the client other than to protect the exchange and their reserves. You and all clients become exit liquidity for the exchange at inflated prices.

If you held LUNA/UST on Bitfinex and managed to exit at a distorted higher than market price, good for you. But do not rationalize it as the ‘correct’ approach.

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That’s why a different solution is needed. Please move to [Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction 💊 and lets build a solution that work together :smiley:

My point is this was an attack vector, enabled by certain exchanges.

The newly minted supply was likely mostly bots buying on chain and dumping on Exchanges. A reflexivity nightmare.

Was the risk of hodling LUNA though.

By halting inflows onto the CEX, it limited the downside sell pressure & panic. Big fan of Bitfinex for doing that actually.

Still, Do and co should have been prepared for such a scenario tbh.