Form a Multi Layered Council for LUNC


LUNC to form a multi layered Council consisting of approx 209 people.
Needs to have a transparent voting/ballet system that provides preferences to ideas.
Eligibility to vote and nominate councilors to require a 60 day staking history for the amount at the staking period.
(No last minute staking to vote and must have skin in the game.)

White Papers to be circulated and discussed more collectively as a group and within the Councilors to ensure robust discussions are held with more open mindedness and collective intelligence being applied.


Not enough sensible business discussions being expressed.
Seeing inexperienced investors / gamblers / dreamers with little to no value opinions and nonsense commentary due to high levels of ignorance who fail to take into consideration what a business person must undertake with any business, such as customer retention, marketing costs, jurisdictional and legal complications, risk mitigation and back stop strategies for out of the ordinary events, business onboarding, obtaining and attracting finance, commercial contract and trading experiences, hedging with alternative investments etc etc.

Seeing a lot of poor responses in discussions and more importantly they need to be validated if they are even eligible to vote.

If people are not eligible to vote their opinion holds little merit.
Reduces the Come today and gone tomorrow and FUDers who provide zero contribution to the longevity of the LUNC blockchain.

Seeing a lot of shouting down of contributors to discussions, simply because its not from their idol, they are narrowminded and short sighted, lack comprehension and understanding of how things work in the blockchain ecosystem, havnt considered consequences of an action or lack of an action.

Concerned Terra Rebels have inadvertently adopted a sense of exclusivity and when they appear to be inclusive they are bickering.

Key concern is the Terra Rebels are in essence inviting in YES people and that is unhealthy in any organisation as preordained and predestined decisions made at the top are not being aired and not being challenged with another critical viewpoint. This can and will lead to dire consequences due to an oversight of outcomes full of yes people.

LUNC Blockchain should not be destined because of Populist vote, rightly or wrongly of the merits of a proposal.

What Terra Rebels has done has been incredible to say the least, but once on the slippery slope, its hard to get off and typically SSHITT has to hit the fan to make necessary adjustments



11 figure heads
Level 1 Councilors of 33
Level 2 Councilor of 66
Level 3 Councilors of 99

The system is to be designed that the main committee are held to account by all L1 L2 L3 Councilors.
L1 Councilors are held to account by L2 Councilors
L2 Councilors are held to account by L3 Councilors
L3 Councilors are held to account by Lunc Community

L1 Councilors are able to outvote Main Committe
L2 Councilors are able to outvote L1 Councilors
L3 Councilors are able to outvote L2 Councilors

Designed to avoid only a few people making all the decisions, exerting influence from their social media presence, exerting their discord and forums influence. Educating LUNC holders is better than dictating to them.

All Councilors to collect all sensible and rational ideas and concepts and bring them into discussions and to bring all parties together to establish whats in the best interest of the Lunc Community only.

This will likely require cannibalizing multiple proposals and cherry-picking key elements to form what is in the educated opinion of the council and collectively agreed upon by the majority of council members.

Oversee and Implement AMAs and ensure all parties are working collectively and collaboration of ideas and concepts are molded then agreed upon with council appointed votes.


I am not seeking any positions with Terra Rebels or within any newly formed Council.
Investment could be organised to fund certain outcomes for LUNC & Dev teams but not as it stands and this does not appear to be understood by many LUNC holders including TR.

Anyone may adopt any part of this concept as they see fit, no credit required, just creating situation awareness.

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no Councils. Those who should vote are all users. The governments of the world should make decisions under the vote of the population and not under their own decisions to implement or remove something.


Strongly opposed to this proposal.We must not allow power to be usurped by a small group of unknown people.It is not known who will actually be the owners in that group and how competent they will be.In addition, they will want to receive huge salaries for their “work”.

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Its not about power, its about accountability and safe guards as outlined.

No mention of huge salaries, would need to be voluntary to begin with and perhaps when LUNC has recovered and has much higher MC then some form of renumeration or token renumeration could be applied.

Listening and seeing the garbage comments from people who most likely have not staked, who are not therefore entitled to vote, prob should not be listened to regarding the future long term direction of LUNC.

Councilors would need to make themselves visible and the eligible community may vote them in and out.

A smaller (209 people) more well informed group fully focused on the long term outcomes for LUNC is far better than a rabble who poorly understand the complexities and business requirements.


I like the idea of all who get to vote must first have so much lunc delegated for at least a minimum period… ‘skin in the game’… other than that ~ we are a community and all who meet that amount and time get to steer the direction of the system… No need for ‘special councils’ ~ We should be by the people, for the people, of the people.

People need leaders to make well informed decisions otherwise nothing gets accomplished in a timely manner.

Do you think Tesla drivers have any sway with how the Tesla Business works ?
Mechanics dont always make them the best car driver,
Driver dont always make them the best mechanics.
Technical people dont always make them the best Business Person
Business People dont always make them the best Technical person

The people are disjointed, quite ignorant on the technically side (myslef included), and need to be unified and that can only be done with leaders and figure heads to ensure the people are properly educated so the people can grasp what is going on and why. This ensure the best possible outcomes.

Do you want brain surgery by a well informed, experienced specialist or some short sighted keyboard warrior with a very little skin in the game ?

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“There are scientific evidences that a large number of individuals tied to a social network can provide far more accurate answers to complex problems than a single individual” (Atzori, et al., 2012, p. 3594)… that can apply to small groups v. large groups ~ more minds see more opportunities and threats…

Atzori, L., Iera, A., Morabito, G., & Nitti, M. (2012). The Social Internet of Things (SIoT) – When Social Networks Meet the Internet of Things: Concept, Architecture and Network Characterization. Computer Networks (Amsterdam, Netherlands: 1999), 56(16), 3594-3608.

I have enough Lunc to make no veto have a certain percentage. And no, these are not trash comments. We oppose centralization and governance of a few. I always think that things should be done this way. “The government of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Instead of voting for the people who lead us, who in the end do nothing for society. an example can be seen in current and past governments. We should vote for the things we want or don’t want in our society.

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Ordinarily I would agree with you if we were voting on simple outcomes as an example the colour of the coin. Blue or Yellow or Red. Simple process for the community to understand.

The current state of the blockchain to be able to move forward is far more complex and multi layered with complexities. So much so the complexities are subject to more complexities and layered on and on and could be disastrous as people are truly not voting intelligently or smartly as a vast majority have NFI what is being impacted, how something might impact other features or what the potential realistic outcome may be, so in turn are voting blindly and carelessly and that carries a huge RISK in itself. The RISKs appears something most people seem to fail to take into account.

Current Burn Tax is classic example, people didnt even comprehend it was for on chain and wasnt going to be able to be enforced upon CEXs via OFF chain.

The outcome of the burn tax at 1.2% was going to have some effect, but was never to be the magic bullet. Now the community cant collectively figure out if the Tax Rate needs to be lowered and if so to what the new rate would be.

USTC potential legal complexities and legal issues have a very real RISK and I feel anyone advocating to re-peg with USTC has an agenda.

A new AFT is what needs to be implemented to replace USTC (USTN or call it what you will)

DJ TREV connected with a legal organisation with Alex and TR who was offering their services at no cost. 3oh DOA if I recall a lobbyist in the halls of the US Legislators.

Was surprised Tobias proposal had no legal mention and he should know more than most of the legal risks associated with LUNC being tied to USTC.

Key Points need to be clarified and more importantly agreed upon as a consensus with proposers, and then tweak accordingly.

Having a council would provide sensible cohesion. Just remember these councilors are or would likely be the actual backbone of the LUUNC community who are well invested.

This will likely require cannibalizing multiple proposals and cherry-picking key elements to form what is in the educated opinion of the council and collectively agreed upon by the majority of council members.

Oversee and Implement AMAs and ensure all parties are working collectively and collaboration of ideas and concepts are molded then agreed upon with council appointed votes.

LUNC Councilors there to educate the community so they become savvy enough to understand and comprehend all the technical (mumbo jumbo) aspects and be able to intelligently navigate all the complexities and business functions as well.

Lunc community full of inexperienced investors / gamblers / dreamers with $$ symbols and rockets on their minds AND THEY NEED TO BE EDUCATED.


agree, it will have safeguard against misuse


Like the round table of the 12 knights or the group of rich people who lead the world from darkness. :rofl: I don’t think so. We are not going to continue with the same centralized garbage that exists in the world and follow in the footsteps of a single person or a small group that only watches over their own interests. We all vote or no one votes.

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Stupid Foolish Situation, but hey if you want to listen and be governed by votes that are come today and gone tomorrow and not invested for the long term.

If you hold what you say, it becomes even more concerning why you would not consider raising your hand to be 1 of 209 councilors. Smell a whole pile of BS, relying on a disorganized, uneducated, uncommitted people in the community to preserve and enhance your investment.

Your sentiment comes across ridiculous when right now there appears to be less than 10 people (disjointed and not unified) making and pushing out complex proposals.

I do not want to be 1 of the council, I want to be one of the population that is never heard because of a few or who governs.

Agree :100: . Great proposal again.

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I understand the want for this.

Historically the popular vote has been wrong a majority (get it…majority) of the time. That is why few pure democracies exist today. Heck lets even look at the united states where the majority thought slavery was right, women not voting was right, black people not voting or not owning property was right, and so on and so on.

The fact is that most of the time the majority is ignorant and is wrong. Such pure democracies fail because of this the popular vote wins and crashes the economy, strips power from the courts, guts their legislature etc.

In reality the governance should be left up to the educated and credentialed. But they should be able to be removed from power by the larger population if they’re not doing their job.

The problem is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Which is what we just saw with Terra Rebels making closed door deals with shady businesses in order to secure some crumbs of income (compared to what they would receive if this coin were successfully revived) The community has sucked their d so long that they forgot that the code TR writes would be nothing were it for the community actually using the system. Because of this you have people supporting the deal forgetting that it was never announced in advance and voted upon on terra.station IT WAS A DISCORD POLL. They bypassed the terra station governance procedure.

And yet people are so quick to put strangers in power and in an effort to reward hard work they deem those very people as incapable of making mistakes. They offer blind allegiance and faith which tanks the system because economies and blockchains run on science, math, and inflow/outflow of funds NOT FAITH.

Because of the aforementioned if there is a council there must also be checks and balances where the community can remove people who aren’t doing the job to replace them with another FULLY DOXXED AND CREDENTIALED TEAM. And no I’m not talking about doxxed with some certification site that keeps the data secret (like pinksale). These people must be able to be physically located and held accountable by anybody else within the ecosystem. There needs to be phone numbers, residential addresses, public wallets with public transactions to ensure funds aren’t being siphoned etc.

Such a feat would require a massive (YET HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL AND THEREFORE PROFITABLE) overhaul of the chain and its system in a way that is above my head.

That said it is also the only way i would ever vote for something like this.

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