First step is to enable lunc staking

before discussing any other proposals like burn, tax etc, we need to enable staking asap. because current voters are not going to vote in favor of lunc so any proposals is basically futile if staking is not turned on. tfl has promised to turn on staking once luna v2 went live refactor!: height-gated hard fork upgrade to prevent staking power changes by alexanderbez · Pull Request #63 · terra-money/cosmos-sdk · GitHub but now they are not following up on the promise.

we need all lunc leaders and community to band together and pressure tfl and validators to switch on staking. community has already done the pull request Revert staking security patch by Raider7019 · Pull Request #776 · terra-money/classic-core · GitHub but tfl and validators are apathetic. we should all work on this proposal first before discussing any other proposals!


Need LFG 1.85b ust burn also.

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we can vote for that after lunc staking is enabled

It is not gonna happen since 1.0 is now 2.0 rival.

DK is trying to build 2.0 but if he let go of 1.0 throne.VC will take over 1.0 and 2.0 road will be harder.

LUNC voting power will not come back until 2.0 is better than 1.0 or if 1.0 is gone for good.

proposal it plz. I would definitely vote yes. The only questions are what stakers will earn by staking lunc and how long the staking cycle would be. My basic idea is staking lunc and earning ust.


this is not true. there are many ways to enable lunc staking. of course the most straight forward would be them cooperating. we need to push for that and if that fails, proceed to take over lunc in other ways. but before that, all other discussions to improve lunc is useless. so lets work together on this first


Two shops selling same products with same customer account.

It sound like rivals to me.

Fully in line with you, but how would you propose to make it happen ?

Are you getting this proposal whitelisted for a vote ?

In any case, the code you mention will need to be extensively reviewed, tested if not externally audited. Would you have a plan for this ?

As you said, TFL is rather “busy” on other topics, so hopefully we can find a path forward without them

Completely agree, that’s how the system is designed to work, your coin your vote and necessary code changes have been implemented so there is no reason not to re-enable it.

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it reverts to an older version, so this should not be required

Except that this is ONE of the big proposals that the current Validators fear the most so they will NOT vote for this.

Also how do you propose to preve t any attack like a 51 attack. We know (posted around) that there are about what 10 wallets that hold a very large chunk of the circulating supply.

Staking will not work like it did before, at least not without some serious reconfigurations and modifications. You cannot just turn the switch to on. That will crash the system and destroy LUNC.

What will happen when the circulating supply reaches total supply? Adding trillions into the staki g pool (very realistic) we will hit that faster than you can say crash.

Do you have any idea who these new validators that take over are, what their plans are for governance, and why did they spend all that money buying up LUNC?

I’m more scared of them controlling our chain then the current inactive ones.

I believe that was done no? The USTC circulating supply dropped to 10.25 Billion. I don’t know if ALL of it was burnt but most of it appears to have been. With zero benifit I might add. In fact it’s worth even less now. That was a fund that could have benifited the revival of the current chain, and or pre attack holders of UST.

Well I can tell you it would be a short run. Opening up staking now would see the circulating supply go up even faster and we would hit Total supply pretty fast.

What will happen to staking once we cannot reward any more tokens?

Except they are not. No more than any other chain.

In fact 2 chains with so many similarities in it’s code, but has 2 different communities, would be beneficial to developers. Imagine developing for one chain and getting 2? I think the 2 would benifit from each other in more ways than one can imagine.

Except the current supply is nearly 7 Trillion and we are approaching that hard limit whereas the older version would of had a circulating supply of 100’s of Millions and briefly up to 32 Billion when it was turned off.

I’m still not sure if we know this answer. Of the newly minted 6.5 T LUNC: Was that all sold and dumped on the market? I don’t see how based on the volume.

So that leads me to believe that a significant portion is still held by insiders, TFL, LFG and such. Since they decided to fork and walk away, how can this be burnt if it’s still in those wallets?

A suspicious mind might think they are being quiet to see about letting the little people try and recover LUNC and just continue to sell on the market for a very long time, burn or no burn… But that’s what a suspicious mind would think, not me. do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station

they are not voting for anything else, they are pretty much passive now. this is the only proposal we need for them

what do you mean by this? this is proof of stake. if proof of stake doesn’t work, there are no other proposals that can save this chain. the current validators are the 51% attack. they own 0.001% of lunc but make all the decisions

what will crash the system?

it is for the community to decide. lunc can vote for the validators they want. the current validators are surely not what we want as they are doing nothing.

scared? then there will be no progress and lunc will not live. the longer this stalemate goes, the lower the chance of survival.

I saw one of your proposal is to take over leadership of lunc. I strongly urge you to work with validators to enable lunc, then I would strongly support you, I think many lunc holders will too.

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@vixasi7192 Is anyone reviewing this PR at all ?
If not, @TerraBuilderAlliance @AtoZ @rosanne89 any chance to get this PR reviewed pls ? Or could you kindly let us know how we actually move forward and what are the steps required to get it merged.

Thks !

this has been the most long standing successful 51% attack in the history of crypto. Everyday we are setting a new record.

It has started…Friday CPI data will be out, it will be slighter better and these short sellers will be killed.

and just in case some people might still be confused about the current reality we are in. @Deathstar_Daddy
here is a clear definition of 51% attack:
In a decentralized network, a minority group of individuals seized control of the masses through gaming the system.

Enable LUNC staking right now. It is the right thing to do:

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LUNC needs to be fully functional. Sorry if Do Kwon doesn’t agree with that, but it would be best for the entire Terra community. Then let developers choose what platform, what chain, they want to build on. The more options the better.

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I think the recovery of this project should take place in 3 steps, first a hardfork to cut the supply to 1/10, then implementing a burn mechanism through a fee, and finally giving the project purpose.