Foundation Wallet Undelegation Proposal

Foundation Wallet Undelegation Proposal

Recently, the staking ratio has increased due to Terra blockchain of various DeFi projects and Anchor’s bLUNA activation.

As of July 6, 2021., about 418 million Luna is in circulation, of which about 310 million Luna were staking.
(This is about 74 percent of the circulating Supply.)

In the past, due to the low staking ratio, staking of the foundation was necessary. However, I believe that the stability of the network has been secured by the recent increase in the staking ratio.

When the Foundation’s staking undelegate, the reward is increased by about 20%.(according to my calculations) Due to this, the APR of Luna staking increases, and I think that it can induce additional staking of Luna that is circulating in the market.

It would be good to hear the opinions of many Luna holders through this proposal and make a decision.

Thank you.