Future of Wormhole assets on Terra

I think we should consider what to do with Wormhole and Shuttle assets (I don’t know which bridge we also have, Axelar?) on the Terra chain right now. After we find a solution for the future of Terra V2 there should be a window to bridge assets back to their original chain. Because assets like bridged USDC and ETH haven’t lost their intrinsic value during the crash.

To continue on that, not losing the intrinsic value also applies for Terra alts and NFT’s. Yes, everything based on ANC is basically dead but that’s their intrinsic value and risk right now. Tokens like Kuji and SD still have an intrinsic value left. And I think we shouldn’t snapshot use a snapshot for NFT’s and alts from before the cash because everyone trading it should have known it. There should also be a window to bridge these assets to the new Terra V2 chain. The only two tokens which need a hard reset are LUNA (snapshot form before the crash) and UST (leave it out or compensate, but that’s another discussion)