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I present to you a proposal for a planned rescue. I work as a manager in a medium-sized company and I see how it is now possible to solve the fork problem in a centralized, planned and organized way. This proposal will be corrected by the community. Sorry for bad english.
Fork is becoming more real every day. They want to fork, 90% of the community is against it. When leaving for a new branch, we have the opportunity to get the implementation ([Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction 💊 [PART I]) on the old branch. We can agree to do what we want and they will leave. Only with a clear structure can we win. Here is what we need for this:

  1. Choosing an Official Community Representative
    An official representative must be selected. He will represent the interests of the community. Only after the selection of a representative, we have a great opportunity to enter into negotiations for the assistance and assistance of CEO LUNA in the implementation of our plan. Only after choosing a representative, we can negotiate with the CEO of the exchanges and application developers, programmers and many others.
    I have one challenger @HelloThere. After entering the negotiations, they automatically recognize the representative, recognize us.

  2. Create a letter of appeal to the CEO of LUNA with a proposal to enter into negotiations with our representative and a description of our implementation. Fill twitter with a request for reading, write to the developers, anyone who can help us influence CEO LUNA to listen to us

  3. Next comes the implementation of our plans by the builders. It would be ideal if LUNA programmers would do it. If not, I have a suggestion.

  4. Create a forum. We need a base where we will create focus groups from the community for marketing, for searching and negotiating with developers of decentralized applications, asking existing projects to stay. Applications make value

  5. Followed by


Someone from the community should become a leader in this unequal struggle.

That is the first step.


Yes. And you must choose him as soon as possible. @HelloThere what do you think?