Idea for Lunc

Great thoughts from the author of the topic. I see a lot of potential for Lunc. I am very grateful for the recovery plan to everyone involved and making a great effort to rebuild. But I think the chosen vector of recovery will take a very long time. The burns are a very good thing. But there are coins that have unlimited issue for example Ethereum and its price is much higher. And maybe we’re getting too hung up on that. There is a saying, the main thing is not to lose the moon while counting the stars. I think that it is necessary to return utility for Lunc. As well as mass implementation of this utility. So that everyone on the planet know about this usefulness and want to use it. If we still want to burn as many Lunc as possible, perhaps we should create a proposal to block and block the issue. For example, as Klaytn did. And all the released money from the pool to be spent on new developments. Some revolutionary technology from the internet trade, logistics, space, or biohacking, to prolong human life, so we can all fly to the moon as quickly as possible.

I also have a question, why can’t we burn a certain amount when launching a new L1 Task Force network? Like Klaytn did.

Details here ( the link is not for advertising have nothing to do with this blockchain, I just want us all to go to the moon together as fast as possible. Love you LUNC)