IMF... crypto version

I guess Luna will not be the last case…

International monetary fund is there to assist any troubled central banks from time to time.

They will give measures to follow, either hard or soft ones.

Lending money to boost the economy.

And credit some funds, in order to prevent further currency attacks or just to regain confident of the people.

On cryptocurrency, a coalition of people who want to see the industry growing sustainably could also do these kind of imitated form of IMF, too.

Just an idea.

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If crypto community dedicates all its resources to defenses, it will eventually succumb to enough attacks. This is why the identity of the attackers must be doxxed. What we know about the attackers:

  • They have billions of dollars at their disposal
  • They were allowed to use Big Tech to create spam accounts and spread Fud about UST
  • They were KYCed by Binance and Gemini and allowed to violate both of their Terms of Service against market manipulation without having their accounts frozen or suspended

Who else could it be besides TradFi, govt, or western intelligence agencies?

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