Organise a "Community Burn Day" event

Hello #LUNC community!

We would all love to see the burn tax applied off-chain. But it’s not the case (yet?) Meanwhile, the on-chain tax is what we’ve got. It’s a step forward, a good beginning, but we, as a community, should get the best out of it.

Since the tax has been applied, I feel that most of us are sitting back, waiting to see what happens next. Hoping that big CEX will reconsider the off-chain tax. But this kind of lethargy won’t help our coin.

I suppose you’ve seen those tweets from Lunc detractors about the community being selfish and saying we are all just waiting for Wales to burn their Luna without doing anything.

I think we are the ones that must lead by example now. We can send a strong message to the world.

I propose to set a date in the very near future and organize a community burn day. We would advertise that date on our socials, backed by the influential members of the LUNC community.

On that day, we’ll all send our $Lunc from the CEX we use to our wallet and back (or the inverse). Or other methods of burning proposed by the community.
We would all burn 2.4% of our Luna to support the rise of our coin and send a strong message of unity.
And why not redo some burn days from time to time?

I’m sure that most of us won’t be against burning a percent of their Luna Classic if we know it will be for future benefits.
But I do not think they would do it by themselves without some motivation or without feeling that most of the community was doing the same.
And that kind of event, with the mass movement impulse, could work and initiate further community burnings.

I wish you all a great day.



Now that CZ said he will most likely not support the Off Chain burn tax, maybe it’s time to consider my proposition or something similar…don’t you guys think ?