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Important Developments

All proposed changes should be postponed pending this hearing. Would this be happening if there wasn’t suspicion of illegal behaviour?

Do Kwons Proposal MUST not go ahead in the timeline until the information from this hearing is deliberated on


I read the original Korean news (am Korean) and it’s just a hearing, but the politicians are very sensitive to popular opinion here so there’s a possibility something could happen, especially if the congresspeople have done enough homework to question DK about the recent allegations about bailing out whales. It’s just a proposal, but a good chance for the politicians to gain popular support… maybe something interesting will happen :crossed_fingers:


Make noise over there, big noise!


Hoping that the politicians can flex their authority in this fiasco.

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The perspective of politicians being involved in this is pretty bad for crypto… That’s why an inner crypto space initiative/bailout would be much faster and powerful for the public.

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did you guys read this? just wow!

luna is under attack for the elitist agenda that should be clear. resist