Mr Do Kwon and Terra reputation

Mr Do Kwon is very fond of Bitcoin. That’s why he bought a lot of BTC for LFG. But what’s the essential difference between us, Terra, and bitcoin? In my opinion, decentralization. Mr Do Kwon did a lot of good to Terra. But, at the same time, he concentrated a lot of power in his hand. Even the revival proposals are still submitted by him personally. I feel, that’s not the right way crypto should be done. So I suggest Mr Do Kwon to step down and follow the Satoshi example. Or as Mr Do Kwon once said “go to nothing”. Do Kwon did a big good, followed by big evil. Let’s untie the leader’s reputation from the project’s reputation. That’s the right way for crypto.
UPD1 - censorship
@ do kwon is not allowed to post, lol


Agree, kwon needs to step down (they call it ‘community’ powered when even his full name is censored from being mentioned in post).

The above is a very fair way to burn the supply and stabilise price without any investment on part of Terra team.
Ideally they should own up burning 2 trillion LUNAs (reckless printing) by buying it back from market using their reserves/raising loans.


I have luna on bsc, does it have to be on terra for the airdrop?


More than agree

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If there is a fork. Can community vote that CZ and his experts or someone really capable take the lead of Luna Classic?


People - unite, it’s time to decide without Do Kwon!

Because he made us all suffer and does not hear us! He is narcissistic and thinks he can get away with his billions!

UST holders were thrown on the anchor! CZ said the fork would bring no value. You deceived us and want to do it again, and you have already done it before us under a hidden name. You should be brought to justice! I hope people are not too lazy and from all over the world will create lawsuits against you! Refund the cost, collect donations to reimburse smallholders!!! I will tell everyone and show screenshots about your [email protected]! The Internet remembers everything!

We don’t need a block for 2 years, after 2 years everything will be forgotten, and you will evade responsibility.

After 2 years, people will get the same $0, because you don’t want to restore your reputation through the offer of Fat Man, CZ and Vitalik Buterin! Justin Sun already wanted to donate! Stop the fork! Save the small holders! You are rich, you have heaps of money!!! You jumped on the stage in front of the public and shouted - UST! UST! UST!

You say you’re a master, where? In what? In the [email protected]?

You promised that UST is a safe place to be! So confirm it, get our money back! These were all my savings for my life, now I’m naked, I’ve been saving for a very long time, people support with a like! :warning:


This is not the first time Do kwon did the same scam before named as basis cash!


Bonded stablecoins are also decentralized. Be innovative. Stop following the crowd.

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