Is there a future for LUNC and USTC? The team abandoned us?

Is there a future for LUNC and USTC? The team abandoned us?

Maybe we should stop creating such threads for a start? There are enough threads asking the same exact question. Don’t be lazy and just scroll through the sections.

Is there a clear answer though? Haven’t found any. The longer it takes, the more people leave the project.


Most of these threads are discussions. What sort of clear answers are you expecting? Yes? No? Full stop? :man_facepalming:

“The LUNC/USTC projects are not abandoned and we are looking to blow new life into these projects” would be sufficient for me. This would also prevent delistings on major exchanges in the near future.


This team is so weird.
After the attack,they abandoned all help,even from the whale such as Binance.
And now,they are waiting for the rotten of luna.
They are silent all the time.It seems they are waiting or scheming something.

After what they have done, they can only wait for a visit from the prosecutor’s office.

They are silent all the time.Why?

You would need to ask this question to those who you say are silent, and since they are silent you will likely not get an answer. All of us here could attempt to answer your question but it would be a speculative answer.
As you have probably ascertained by now is that what I am saying does not help with the answer you seek, just as your question will not help to make them speak up. So perhaps, not in their case, but rather in your case, it is best to remain silent.