Leave Luna in binance?

Still no clear description if we can keep our Luna in binance or not for the airdrop. As I won’t get much anyway keeping it in binance. I bought 129,000 Luna on 12th may at 12pm UDT time. Cost me about $4500 but I guess I’ll consider it lost.

I think moving it to station wallet isn’t worth it as I’ll only get 0.00000000017 Luna anyway


It all depends on Binance. If you want to be safe, move your fund to Terra Station.

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when will have any news so to know what need to do with the Luna at exchanges ?
Also , how will get the allocation from the 1st snapshot ? and at which wallet ?


Same here. I hope the team will give a clear statement, if Binance will accept new chain and the airdrops for pre and post investor. Hope there will come some more details next days.


What to do if you had your LUNA on exhcance for a 6 months? Also transfer them now to Terra Station? They will be the same value as the ones which had been bought after 7th of May?


If binance or other exchanges support the new Luna, they would announce that by now. So I think they are not supporting


This is the response I got from Binance support 1.5 days ago. Till now no further update:

Thank you for sharing your concern dear user. Binance have not yet made any decision nor any official announcement regarding the UST airdrop or compensation including for Luna situation. you may stay tuned via our announcement link to check for updates in the near future or you may always get back to us via this chat to check on the updates. Support Center


Thank you and please keep us updated with this topic as much as possible.

Hopefully Binance opt in so we get the airdrop, I guess time will tell.