Binance / Terra Station AirDrop Missed?

I’ve bought a few Luna during the attack and after on binance in total i had about 60k tokens

When the first proposal came out it was unclear if binance would do the Airdrop so i transferred 46k to my Station account on the 21st of May.

Today I received a binance airdrop of 0.091 Luna but still nothing on the Terra Station Wallet.

Am I doing anything wrong, i figured the airdrop was automatic, should i return the tokens to binance or is 0.091 Luna on binance everything i get ?

Its not as painful for me as it is for others i was careful and just lost about 500 Euros. Still i’d not like to miss out on a opportunity to restore at least 50 or 100 euros of my loss.

And yes, i know i sound redicolous compared to those folks that lost hundred of thousands, so don’t mock me and just answer the question :slight_smile:

You should got the airdrop in your Terra wallet if you hold UST during the post attack snapshot on 27th May.

I’ve held it on it since May 21st, very weird, maybe I did something wrong, no idea.

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You will have very less amount of airdrop for LUNA even less than 1 Luna.