Look team and investor for create new blockchain like Terra

Hi all.

Earlier, I proposed an idea to implement a social network based on the Terra Station project.

Since none of the blockchain managers are interested in creating a product for the actual use of tokens, I want to try to put together a team to start working on its design. Once we get the design done, I think the project will have a better chance of getting funding.

My idea is in this link:

At the moment I need 2 experienced web designers who work on Figma and who will like my idea and start working on its implementation together with me.

If anyone is interested, write here or in a personal, or at the contact that I indicated in the presentation.

Thank you in advance!

Do any projects with your money and earn on them.
I am against financing from Lunc of any such projects.


Do you have experience in Comos SDK, and funding to start with? if you wanna go through some discussion in Private, connect me on Discord at Winthan#4087


Or you stop trying to poach Devs on a community thread?

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You can find them on Fiverr.

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If it’s something like this…

I would definitely vote YES!