Thoughts on a Social app that just might be useful/beneficial

Since people are talking about social apps for LUNC… I would like to suggest/point out something that could be implemented in such apps.

  1. A subscription payed for monthly,yearly etc. to use the app.

Why? Ask Elon, he could give you a better answer than me. What I believe this could do, is that it would limit the amount of bots :robot: which would then add to the quality of the product & give it value.

  1. Subscriptions should be a 50,000 - 100,000 Lunc ( approx. $5 - $10 at current prices )

Why? Also ask Elon… But, I believe that this is the perfect amount because it’s a small amount that could be paid by anyone. ( This amount should be burned )

  1. App to be accessed without a wallet.

Why? I believe the app should not be limited to people within the Lunc community, but also people outside the community to increase our user base and also to motivate people to be a part of the community.

How? App could have a main wallet, and accounts created could have a memo ID.

  1. Add premium features that would be accessible by paying an amount of Lunc.

Do I need to explain?

All in all, this is just my thoughts on how I imagine a LUNC social app could be.

Thanks for reading my writing!

  1. App to be owned by the community.

Meaning… the people who develop the app are to be payed once for developing the app from the community pool. Also, people who work on updating the app and maintenance are to be payed PER TASK from the community pool.

This would leave all the accumulated LUNC from app subscriptions etc. to be burned (aka supply reduction)


This app could also be the alternative for Telegram/Telegram Groups/Discord (where [email protected]/bots thrive)

It would be the place to be at and interact for holders, developers, community etc.

I would gladly pay $5-$10 a month to get rid of those scammers/bots on socials… that with the added benefit of lowering the supply would be amazing.

This is a good idea and these are the kind of ideas the community should be working on.

You can maybe refine this idea even further by thinking about the kind of social network you wanna make. Like Facebook is a general purpose social network and LinkedIn is a special purpose social network.

If what you are thinking about is special case, then you will need to design your plan accordingly.

This might be a feature people will use this kind of an app for. It can be done with something like SpaceID just that I need to check how it can be done.

I understand you are not a technical person but I really appreciate your effort for putting up this idea for discussion. I am sure others will comment and discuss this further.

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Thanks for the feedback Aru,

As stated on the post/title this is just my thoughts on how a social app for Lunc can/should be implemented. I just wanted to share it with the community. And yes, I neither have the skill nor the time to develop the app; otherwise, I would have done it without a doubt.

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Also, regarding #3 “app to be accessed without a wallet”.

I would like to add that this could be a feature that has multiple benefits. One of which, is the possibility of funding your social account on the app directly from an exchange.

thus, contributing to the reduction off-chain assets.

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