Terra Allies Development Team Spending Proposal & Trial Period

Terra Allies Server: Terra Allies

This is a spending proposal to fund the Terra Allies Development Team with the aim of contributing to the L1 development of the Terra Classic blockchain. It’s done in a manner that serves as a force multiplier to the existing L1 Team’s own development efforts and roadmap priorities. This proposal seeks to accelerate the revival of LUNC, and does that by establishing a foundation for multiple teams to contribute to the development of the blockchain. It also prioritizes relatively quick deliverables that will fill gaps in the current L1 team’s schedule, via leveraging 5 independent senior engineers that aren’t burdened by prior or current Q1/Q2 commitments.

With the L1 Task Force’s primary goals this quarter being completion of outstanding incomplete items from Q1 and the release of parity in Q2, it is our opinion that it is in the best interests of the blockchain to give the L1 Task Force the space they need to focus on completion of the roadmap they specified in their passed Proposal 11463; and that the Terra Allies Development Team focus its efforts elsewhere on the L1 layer to help move the needle on other tasks that are very much needed and add value to the blockchain, but fall out of the scope of work required to achieve parity.

An intention we also have for this proposal is to give the community an opportunity to get familiar with our team so they get an idea of what it’s like partnering with our engineers. The community will receive proof of our work in a timely manner that is low risk for both the community and the Terra Allies Development Team. It is our sincere hope that this proposal (and work delivered) instills the community with enough confidence to give our team an opportunity to contribute for everyone’s benefit. The merit of having multiple development teams contributing to the Luna Classic chain simply cannot be overstated.

For this proposal, we would seek to implement the following:

  • Implement at a code level the Minimum 5% Commission Fee as specified in the passing of Proposal 11322. This proposal was passed by the community two months ago but to date has not seen a code based solution implemented for it and validators still have commissions that are below 5%. We would seek to resolve that by implementing the needed changes, and testing the code changes across different validator commission configurations on a testnet before pushing out a release.
  • Integrate Alliance modules into the codebase with an intended release timing for after the L1 Task Force has released the parity upgrade to the community. Alliance modules can be read about in more detail here: https://alliance.terra.money/ and they give us a means to attract new liquidity onto the chain.
  • Integrate automated linting and code scanning processes into the codebase in order to ensure a higher threshold of code quality, consistency, and stability.

The Engineering Team

  • Bilbo Baggins - Senior Software Engineer / Architect
  • Solid Snake - Senior Engineer / Systems Architect
  • NotJoshC - Senior Engineer
  • MangoChutney - Senior Engineer
  • Chopstick Sensei - Senior Engineer

To minimize risk to both the community and the Terra Allies Development Team, we propose a split payment schedule, paid out in two equal installments. This would allow the Terra Allies Development Team to embark on work in a manner that allows them to put food on the table, while also minimizing risk to the community pool’s funds by ensuring that the full amount proposed isn’t taken out of the pool until the development work has been verified by the community as having been completed.

Proposed Overall Budget:

  • Bilbo Baggins - $4,750
  • Solid Snake - $4,750
  • NotJoshC - $3,500
  • MangoChutney - $3,500
  • Chopstick Sensei - $3,500

Grand Total: $20,000 (178,571,428.57142857 LUNC - LUNC conversion at 0.000112)
First half paid upon passing of this proposal ($10,000). Second half paid upon delivering all items listed above (2nd spending proposal).

Code of Conduct
Thanks to @Pholuna:

Contractors must conduct themselves in a professional manner! This means whether commenting on personal social media or not, you are the faces of our community! As such, the following will not be tolerated: theft, bribery, gross negligence, f-raud, misrepresenting factual information, harassment of other organizations or individuals, bullying, aggressive or intimidating behaviour, threats of violence, etc. You are to represent the LUNC community to the best of your ability, and to uphold the interests of its investors while treating everyone with respect and dignity!

We invite the community to connect with us and get to know us! We’d like to maintain open channels of communication, with the aim of generating dialogue and building trust. With that purpose in mind, we invite community members, validators, influencers, and anyone else who supports LUNC to come and ask any questions they like, whether about our team or this proposal - we’re more than willing to engage with the community. If any of the aforementioned wish to talk to us they can do so via our AMA thread in Agora (Co-working and AMA with Bilbo Baggins, Solid Snake, Mangochutney, Chopstick Sensei, and notjoshc) or in the Terra Allies Discord (Terra Allies), in addition to leaving specific questions tied to this proposal in its thread here.

By voting YES - you agree with this proposal, and the terms & conditions outlined above.
By voting NO - you disagree with this proposal, and the terms & conditions outlined above.
By voting ABSTAIN - You have no particularly strong thoughts on the proposal either way.
By voting NO WITH VETO - You are vehemently against the entire premise of this proposal.

Signed By: Bilbo Baggins & Solid Snake
Co-Signed By: Mangochutney, Chopstick Sensei, notjoshc
Terra Allies Server: Terra Allies


Gut_Daddy approves! LUNC needs more developers to pump our bags!


this is the next best thing!

the more progress on the chain, the better, this would be another welcoming win for the chain.
I hope everyone also agrees that adding code quality and stability is important.

you have a YES from me!


Awesome! Hope this passes so you can do great work, and so that the community sees that having this team working on the chain is a net benefit to us all. The future of LUNC hinges on attracting new developers to work on the chain. If this passes, we send a message that the LUNC community welcomes with open arms anyone who wants to come build.


This is a yes!!! from me, the more devs on the chain the merrier!


Looks extremely promising!

Further proof that multiple groups can all be involved in supporting this chain.

Hopefully this is the first step in a much larger collaborative effort towards achieving 1 LUNC=1USD


In my humble opinion this could be a great way to get to know the new team and see what they are capable of. No project managers(who even though were just paid more than this proposal is asking), no paid discord moderators only pure work done by professional senior developers. I like it!!!

Thank you for not giving up on this chain and wish you all the best of luck!


Big yes - this would get my vote.


Alliance modules!
Yes to this.


Very good. We can never have too many developers for the chain. The work that will be done are approved work by the community.

The split payment method shows your sincerity to the chain with your willingness to shoulder some of the risk with the chain working with new developers. That is fair and refreshing.

If the Terra Allies can prove themselves worthy, our chain will have more developers for future projects.


Would you be able to share you GitHub or the GitHub of any other member of the team?


Lunc to the moon!


yes as cant think of any downside to this at the moment. do we hv enough to pay them? as we need to hv enough for Q3 etc


We will need to think about that. But before that we need to see their GitHub profiles. We will check it first and see what work they have done till now. Only then should this proposal go for a vote.


Will vote YES.


Your payment structure gives the community confidence to move forward without much risk This proposal is on a shared risk model which if it doesn’t work out, the community can cut ties without paying the 2nd half. If this group delivers we will get a good team to move forward with. We need devs at this point and getting devs to work on the chain is a struggle. Good devs can help our bags. This is a low risk proposition which can yield enormous results in giving our chain a second dev team. Definitely a YES vote for me.

Also, the current devs charge top rates while the CP needs to watch its budget. And competition is good for pricing and quality of work.


Yes to this fom me
More developers
More work

The fact is our time is running out - this is exactly what we need to keep going :raised_hands:


Please explain Bilbo why we would want Alliance on LUNC if it results in other chains mooching our excellent staking rewards? If this is enabled wouldn’t our rewards go down? From your link…

I don’t support proposals which seek to reduce our staking rewards. We should be funding the oracle rewards pool much more to keep rewards good for the long term.


It cuts both ways. You could take rewards from other chains such as Migaloo (white whale) while retaining value in LUNC.

As for the staking rewards, they’re not that much better than some of the rewards on cosmos tbh, the bumper time is well behind us now… at 22% Ish there’s several chains that have about the same inc Atom and osmosis. There are others inc Mars and Evmos which far exceed Terra Classic distributions.

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We really need Alliance modules. YES from me.
Can you provide more info about team?