IF LUNA Forks, what are the plans for the old chain?

This NEEDS to be discussed as once it forks, if there is no plan then exchanges will drop Luna Classic from their exchanges. If there IS a plan then maybe we can sway some to continue listing it while we fix it.

My plan instead of a fork…

However in the event of a fork my plan could still work on a Classic Luna/USTc chain but would then require forming a dev team, getting financing etc so this would be more difficult, not impossible, and I would still be interested in this option.

Also check out my poll on Twitter and vote to fork, or not fork Twitter @deathstardaddy which at time of writing this is 95.2 % against forking. Out of nearly 50 votes.


Same as Bitcoin Cash or ETC. If LUNA (new token) succeeds, LUNA Classic would keep some value because some people will consider it as the “true LUNA”. You will need validators, community, etc.


What if community goes with burning proposals on Luna Classic after the fork? And get a leadership who does care about small investors?


I understand that. But we need to fix this chain and fix UST, which his plan will just abandon. Ust has so much potential still.

Do Kwon has the keys, will he be willing to pass them onto a new team to continue developing the origional chains, keeping them relevent?

If you’re a developer or have other blockchain experience and would be interested in joing my team, message me here and once I can get more info would love to discuss with you more. For now view my plan and please add your comments on it. Lets build a solid plan for Luna/Ust or Luna/Ust Classic


I would be with you if matching. I am an investment broker and former quality engineer. I could be useful for economy related issues and processes.

and actually i am founder and ceo of a currently still small unreleased metaverse mmorpg project that will use unreal engine 5 and aims to be multichain with cosmos (luna) compatibility.


LUNA, or Soon to be named LUNA Classic, if Do Kwon is successful, still has so MUCH potential. It’s not another abandond Etherium Classic chain. In the right hands with new developers, and people working to maintain all the Dapps, while adding even more purpose use, like NFT’s, gaming, and Metaverse integration, could make it successful, dare I say, more than the new LUNA. I also think UST could be repegged eventually which is why I would fight to maintain it’s existence and a new connection to Luna (Classic). Not algorythmic as it was before, but still decentralized.

With buy backs and burning both these projects are savable, and with investment from outside TerraLabs, could help LUNAC’s chances significantly. (Ha Lunacy).

I will send you a message to keep your info ready.


Do Kwon presented no plan for Luna Classic and UST.

Don’t think he’ll mind new leadership in place for Luna Classic.


F#ck new chain.
We need just burn there all those huge supply. That’s all!

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Question. Would the luna classic have validators? Developers? If not, there’s no value in the chain. It would be just a crypto to be speculated on cex.
How many developers does the current chain have, and how many are with DK? Validators?

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Part of my plan covers that. The "Tax per transaction fee of 1% to 3% encompases the following.

  1. Burn
  2. UST funding
  3. Validators, though not at 20% like has been enjoyed up to the attack event.
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The two chains become direct competitors. Which is not necessarily a bad thing as the market will make their own decision.


Well yes in some area they will compete, but there is opportunities for them to compliment each other. Also I am sure Do Kwon will always hope for the best for this chain even if he’s no longer associated with it. The name Luna has a lot of meaning for him after all.


I like that perspective. I think that’s the ideal situation and follows the theme of Luna and Firma stabilizing each other. Dual chain might be something to entertain. There’s probably a use case for high supply tokens that no one has thought about yet.

I was thinking about perhaps mimicking natural analog system. If you’re not familiar, think neurons, red blood cells. I think an analog approach in V1 can provide quite a bit of robustness and stabilize Firma.

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cardano charles hk market make eth classic to keep it alive , i guess DK or close source will do the same.

So …

What happens to the coins on the exchanges in regard to forking?

Generally Exchanges track when the users bought and sold the Luna which could be used as a baseline to figure out how much to give each person,

but the exchange would probably be rewarded for the pre May 7th airdrop, and the people in the exchanges who were holding at that time, may have dumped.

My belief is that the CURRENT holders of Luna on exchanges will be compensated during Luna 2 airdrop as Pre May 7th accounts.

My understanding is very little of the New Luna that was minted managed to get in to the exchanges. But perhaps I’m wrong.

So how does or will it work? Should I buy more? Anything else I should know ?

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Would you be interested in exploring a few ideas with a fellow investment banker?


Please private message me with more info. I am in the process of putting my plan to a vote and am building a team of not only Developers, but financing is a BIG part of my plan.


we need leader and dev team too you can read my post Our situation and my thoughts - #2 by Randy1212 , I hope luna v1 still live after fork .

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