LUNA Dev chain / LUNC Financial chain

As we made the fork community should agree on what each chain will work on, as result of the fork we still have all our community split between both chains and fighting each other

So basically i would like to propose someone rid over this topic or start contributing on simple terms

  • Luna Classic chain should focus on the LUNC + USTC repeg and stability, fixing possible depeg posibilities on the future and getting in touch with financial institutions that help us on that simple goal.
  • Luna 2.0 chain should focus on development of dapps and expansion of the chain as a whole, getting more users in.

If we basically agree on that basic division of interests between both chains users won’t fight each other, they will split in the area they want to be focused more in and the final result and stability proposed could give us a long rebirth.

LUNA and LUNC governance must pass votes on this.

LUNC propose changes that will repeg and fix any further depeg, it can be introducing changes to the algo + btc backing as the team was working on.

LUNA adopts USTC as main an unique stablecoin for the whole ecosystem

Then for the future each chain will have its own purpose, divided and splitted in accordance and working as a whole.

I have stated the same post on the LUNA forum (Commonwealth), if you agree with this we can run it by a community proposal making the changes necessaries. I would love to hear your ideas and inputs about this possible scenario.


The issue is some are trying to turn LUNC into a DAO, which will end the relationship with USTC.

Im wanting to save both but there is so many conflicting agendas on USTC and most proposals will further sever the two I fear. The only thing that might save both, is to fork both, build a dev team and do the work needed on the new chains. That is my next step IF I can’t raise enough support for my proposal to save both. It’s not an ideal solution, but it’s better than letting it disappear.


The most viable solution involves a hard fork and bringing the total supply to 1/10 (10% of current), and instituting burn mechanisms, then a roasmap with realistic goals.