A Proposal To Revive Luna Classic $LUNC by Allocating Some Fund From New Luna Community Pool Fund

This is a living proposal. I will add it up when I get free time and ideas on how to improve it. My objectives are to always reminding the community that Luna Classic chain is as important as new Luna chain too.

As we can see the new chain provide 30% for community pool and 10% for developers who are commiting to the development of new Luna chain. Meanwhile, we did not see any funds are provided for Luna Classic chain. Therefore we can see that the classic chain will be gradually abandoned and may possibly become a ghost chain without any capital provided for developers. I am not sure on why Do Kwon instead of abolish the old chain, he wants both to be co-existing.

I am proposing that 5% of new Luna token from community pools which was deducted from $UST holder at post-attacked (20%=>15%) to be allocated to developers who commit to the development of Luna Classic.

I hope this proposal will gain attention from community so that Luna Classic will sustain its growth together with the new chain.


It’s like you are living in a dream, don’t you know that they have given up on this chain? And they are not letting go of this chain, they want this chain to hit the bottom and thus justify their fork!!!


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That’s your only personal opinion. And your personal opinion doesn’t matter. What only matters are other’s. :blush:

with the price of luna on bybit if you do airdrop2 for those who buy ustc!! it would stabilize the network very easily!! I would really like lunc at a considerable price because I entered at 10$ but I only have 23000 lunc that won’t solve my losses if ustc and lunc don’t stabilize

My 5 cents - I feel we need to make this chain developer-centric if we are to attract talents back to the classic chain with old and new projects, hence might be worth allocating 20% to the devs, as emergency allocation, which will be decreased and locked to 15% when re-peg is achieved.
I fear if we don’t have a big bang approach we’ll end up trailing v2 rather than being the community torch and pacemaker in the field.

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Speculators have no place here. We will transfer all the money from lunc to our new LUNA and will not allow anyone to profit from our grief…
And stablecoins will be like a new chain that is already in development…

Interesting, and I would think ex-leadership should have as a minimum the moral obligation to see the legacy creation they chose to abandon and cause so much grief to a lot more than the people directly involved through to a swift transition…