Luna mc > ust mc

Hey there, a lunatic here.

I’ve been holding onto $LUNA since 2021, and saw things develop as time passed by.
It’s truly heartbreaking to see all our infrastructures go down at a day or two.

Meanwhile, after swap of $LUNA and $UST halted, our $LUNA has been spotlighted as the next $DOGE, a meme coin.

While it’s clearly intimidating, the situation where $UST and $LUNA has fallen to a non-utility meme coin,
Maybe we can use this opportunity to bring-in retail investors and successfully re-peg UST.
And hopefully an additional Injection of $BTC(if you have any).

The price of $UST is 0.2 and MC is currently above $2.5B
The price of $LUNA is 0.0004 and is currently over the MC of $UST, $3.2B

I know the mint-burn mechanism is not that simple, just by comparing to MCs besides another is not how it goes.

However, irrational things happen, and I think $LUNA being a meme coin & capitals rushing in is one of them. please benefit from this in order to survive

Wish for the best of TFL, validators, and the Lunatic Community.

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