LUNA & UST Post-attack Average price table INSIDE for fair refund


For the refund of the post-Attack buyers I make an Excel table of the Average prices of $LUNA and $UST every 30 minutes from the start of the attack (when $UST price is less than $0,999) until $LUNA price is less than $0,01 (too much work to continue to current date).

With the current proposal of the fork I don’t know if could be usefull because no info about the refund process, but considering that not everyone buy the tokens at the same price, this Excel could be fair for all of us refunding depending the time of your purchase or the block number.

Probably this chart could be done automatically from the API or with minimal knowledge, but I do it manually. :sweat_smile: At this moment I’m with COVID and nothing more to do alone in my room. Sorry if I make some error, probably a missclick after pressing so many numbers

Screenshot of the Excel:


The Excel have 3 Tabs, the first, matching $LUNA & $UST evolution, and the other 2 with the detailed info from the pairs. I use the Open and Close candles as a reference for the average.

I hope the Excel could be usefull, if not, is a little piece of the crypto history.

Thanks and sorry for my English level,

Lunas price went below 1$on 12 th may.

How they gonna distribute to people who bought on during May 8 to 12 when price was still high and supply was not more than 5B!


I think until now no one knows how the refund will be

Yeah the people screwed the most don’t include current buyers now because they can buy by the boatloads, but the transitory period were they were hyperinflating seriously mostly late 5/11 and early 5/12 when it started going from a billion to 100s of billions. They will be lumped into the 6.5 Trillion marketcap instead of their respective market caps when they purchased. This will make their stake in the Luna ~ 0.

Here is a calculation for distributions for 10% holders. Basically for Luna V2 investment for them to break even it will need to reach about $10.4 dollars AFTER 2 years.

Current Cost:Old Luna → New Luna / V2 tokens at Genesis / V2 tokens after full vesting (2-year)

$50:332446 → 4.8 / 0.72 /4.09 / 10.4

$151:1,000,000 → 14.47 / 2.17 / 12.3

$1510:10,000,000 → 144.7 / 21.17 / 123

$5000:33,131,648 → 479 / 71.94 / 407.7

$15100:100,000,000 → 1447 / 211.7 / 1230

Luna V2 Break Even Price ~ $10.43

Luna V2 Break Even Marketcap: 10.43 billion

Basically, it will be worthless.

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