Attack threshold

Until this statement, LUNA was technically the same as before. After this announcement, the increase in supply was approved. this statement hour should be the threshold for the pre- and post-attack.

Until this announcement, it was not declared that the system was under attack, and it was not announced that LUNA would be launched to recover the UST.


I bought after his tweets his words meant like he had some plan, he gave us hope.

Now whoever believed him during that time were left out.

We are not getting anything in return since we are competing against 6.5T supply, but when we bought price was high and supply was at 5B max.

So at least there should another snapshot that covers those people
Maybe snapshot before the last halt.


This is so true


I’ve attached an updated calculator posted by another member in this forum. You can now use coingecko to determine your supply at the time you bought between 5/8 - 5/15. To do this look at the graph of price and market cap. Divide the marketcap/price to get the circulating supply at your time. Enter it into this sheet to get a estimate of what your true return should be instead of the 6.5Trillion circulating supply grouping for everyone after 5/7.

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Good luck with that. This is a centralized coin.

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I want justice


Everyone wants it so we need to stand together

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I just want us to collectively band together, and fix UST and LUNA CLASSIC. If they want to abandon ship, they can. We can roll up our sleeves and start repairing the ship and pumping out the water. We can get there. And like SHIBA INU, we can find our own use cases for LUNA CLASSIC.

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There should be multiple divisions here because even post this statement on 5/12 the supply was only a few billion. People who bought with this low supply paid a might higher price than the people who are now able to pick up orders of magnitude more for the much lower prices since the supply is now 6.5 trillion. It is obvious.


Yes do kwon should take another snapshot and pay us out fair share. Everyone seems to get something out of it but he kicked us out I don’t know why. When he appreciated us in the first proposal but in the second he literally kicked us out like we don’t mean anything.


Snapshot should be taken before the last halt.

Look even posting that they seemed like they had a plan!!

People who bought during 8 to 13 th may getting nothing.


There are a lot of people bought luna during this period. Where are they? They will get nothing from fork? Why are they so quite?