Lunapay - payment streaming solution

Hello everyone,
we are glad to introduce our payment streaming app proposal to the Terra community, we are in the early ideation phase and would love to get any feedback about the proposed product from this community.

Please check the pitch deck at

The product can be understood as Sablier on sTerroids, direct payments streaming with Terra stablecoins. Please check the deck and let’s have a chat.

PS: Just found Suberra in this forum doing something similar but couldn’t find much info about it anywhere else, @zlace please check our deck, and let’s get in touch.


Well, you’d need to sell it to businesses. Who are you targeting or in contact with?

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This is being done by Superfluid in ETH (and variants). The Dawn of Programmable Cashflows | Superfluid Blog

Would be great to see something similar on Terra. Lots of use cases as per the article above but also would be transformative for company payrolls. I know there are a load of government submissions needed (and mandatory pension contributions, in the UK and Australia at least, etc., etc.) but what a great opportunity to explore.

@0xabhi any progress updates? Keenly interested in this because Terra fees are still too high for “real world” payments use cases. I’m pretty familiar with Sablier and other payment streaming on Ethereum and we’ve been considering building something similar on Terra.