LUNC community trading bot

We burn coins despite the price of LUNC. Above a certain price point of LUNC a trading bot should take a portion of the burns and buy stable coins to hold until LUNC drops to a fixed price. Then we buy back LUNC send 50% to the burn address, some of it could refill the rewards pool and the community pool and the rest is stored to buy back stables when price goes up again.
I hope someone more intelligent than me could take this idea and make a LUNC price guard with a smart contract.
Thank you


This is something that I am working on currently and will probably go ahead with the proposal in the next few weeks depending upon the reception of the community.

You can check it out and leave your comments on the thread or here as well.

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It is not clear where you need to take coins for burning. And from what income to buy stablecoins?
A little unclear