Don´t BURN LUNC yet. Use it for purchase reserve assets firstly

disclamer: I can´t provide any test for this poposals. This proposal was created according my knownledges.
Also please forgive me my english used to write this.

We shouldn´t BURN any LUNC until we will reach reserve assets scheme.
70 % of LUNC in community pool to be sold for reserve assets every month until we will reach voted reserve assets scheme.
Exchanges 1,2 % BURN TAX to be changed for 1,2 % TAX stabilization (TS) allocated for filling reserve assets much faster.

LUNC will reduce it´s supply STILL very good, because of enabled terra swaps. I think EVEN faster. It shouldn´t reduce transactions as 1,2 % BURN TAX would do.
We will use already passed proposal better.

To should be used only after USTC is pegged to 1 USD again. See my previous proposal.


Circulating Supply 6,552,854,761,864 LUNC Continue increase

This is another example of real nonsense.


As we can see you only wants and hope to bull LUNC price, because you have some money in it. Well, as you dont understand why the price was so high you shouldn´t comment like this. BURN and even separations will only make you looses. Be sure.