Lunc staking at Binance

Community should start a campaign and ask Binance to enable staking service (as Kucoin has) for Lunc!

It would also be great if they could add more trading pairs.
Lunc/Btc, Lunc/Eth, Lunc/Bnb, Lunc/Ustc

I did ask their support if there are plans for that… I got a diplomatic answer: “we will look into it”.

If more community members does the same maybe they will actually look into it :slight_smile:
Twitter campaign would also help!

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That’s right. They also need to enable the bSwap Pool for LUNC. There is no LUNC in swap pools where traders can make profits. So yeah, more needs to be done on that front.

That wouldn’t be useful to the chain.
Staking is integral part to chains health.

If you stake on a CEX - you simply give liquidity to the CEX in question, not the chain itself.


Since when is more usage options bad for chain? Lunc tokens sitting on exchanges are not flowing into staking so if that option would be available on Binance I bet many would stake there. Look how many is staked with Kucoin.

More options, more users, more usage.

why do you want to move coins offchain?

Sure, but the chain should not go asking for it.

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