MEXC x LUNA Recovery Plan Result

The voting poll for the MEXC x LUNA recovery plan has successfully concluded.

After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community, MEXC is pleased to announce that we are the first centralized exchange that goes above and beyond to initiate the LUNA recovery plan.

Over the past 2 days, we have gathered 12,948 valid votes and gained a 98.49% support rate to burn LUNA to decrease LUNA circulation on the secondary market.

The details of the MEXC x LUNA Buy Back & Burn Plan are as follows:

  1. MEXC will utilize the actual trading fee received from the LUNA/USDT spot trading pair to proceed with secondary market buybacks on a daily basis. This plan will last for 1 month, starting from 2022-05-26 to 2022-06-26.
  2. Terra has officially provided a LUNA burn address. MEXC will make arrangements to send LUNA tokens obtained from the secondary buyback of LUNA to the official burn address specified on a daily basis.
  3. MEXC will provide transaction ID proof showing the transfers made to the official burn address on a weekly basis.


  1. LUNA Burn Address provided by Terra official: Terra Finder
  2. The actual trading fee collected is restricted to LUNA/USDT spot trading only, excluding ETF and Margin Trading. (MX Deduction and trading fee rebate will be excluded from the actual trading fee collected)
  3. Please take note that MEXC did not generate the burn address and is not responsible for any fund movements made by the address after the end of the LUNA secondary buyback arrangement.

We appreciate your participation in the LUNA recovery plan.

Thank you for your continuous support.


See, the community and the exchanges are trying to burn luna

Whereas the natural responsibility lies on the founder and its team, who are desperate to abandon Luna classic and move on to money-making new Luna


That means something happened. I can’t wait for the day classic outperforms new.


I will transfer my Luna’s from binance to Mexc. I think they deserved this…

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I will do the same

But possibly next week