Migrate Terrastation from Terraswap to Astroport

When Mirror protocol was created, TFL created Terraswap to facilitate transactions with mirrored assets on the Terra blockchain. It was designed as a bare bones AMM, that would just exist to get the job done.

And it’s been wildly successful.

But now Terra is maturing, and we have a full fledged, modern AMM dex in Astroport, to which significant liquidity has migrated. Right now, Terra’s liquidity is split between both Terraswap and Astroport, which isn’t an ideal situation. Additionally, as liquidity migrates to Astro, the Terrastation wallet’s swap feature runs the risk of heavier-than-necessary slippage for new users that don’t know to check Astroport as well.

So I propose that Terra Station replace Terraswap with Astroport as its swap provider, with an eye to eventually “decommissioning” Terraswap.

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Nah…,I will advise at the current status of situation both Terrastation and Astroport should be holding sway…, with sufficient education on the benefits of what each offers
Remember we are looking at expanding converting the seemly crash into a recreation, the adoption and reaction to UST as much accepted by different adopters via wallets and exchanges, a wider following looking a the percuilarity of each regions unique needs and “Services as a central currency system” not all will accept or appreciate however that’s the goal, “individuals adoption”,no more whales…now we should have simpler currencies pairing features…wider wallets adoptions for enhanced UST and Luna usage across all economic regions.