Governance Deposits and Inability to swap/send coins

Why does the governance proposal in terra station 2.0 ask for your seed phrase to move forward in delegating your luna? IS that normal?

Is this a scam? I feel like i may have just caused myself problems. Part of the reason was that none of my exchanges or swapping coin ability has been working on my wallet or mobile wallet. When I read Terra swap 2.0 live! I mistakenly assumed this was what I was expected to do to get my terra swap working. Dumb move #1

That being said, maybe its legit ( I’m hoping) but I also have about 300 coins vesting and if this is indeed a scam then I’ve lost 127 coins but I don’t want to lose the rest. So i have set up a new wallet, i have the address I sent the coins which looks legit (maybe) but because I am completely restricted due to the other issues I can’t move any of my beth or bluna out of anchor or other alt coins because i get error: signature verification failed etc errors on my mobile wallet. Which is the issue that started this in the first place leading to a moment of madness that is now difficult to get out of

Any assistance povided in helping me:

  1. figure to how to identify , receive, swap and transfer coins mobile wallet

  2. let me down gently if this was a scam, but ultimately move my new luna coins to my new wallet so I don’t lost them all

“learning the hard way”

That definitely sounds like a scam, unless you don’t already have your Terra Station wallet set up!

These are the only legitimate Terra Station wallets: Download — Terra Docs documentation

HI Rosanne89

Is there any way to move my stuff out of this wallet?’ …has there ben any progress on the terraswap side of things. I haven’t been able to do anything. Ive reloaded the apps, Ive seen some success for people moving to Edge and reloading the extension but that doesn’t seem to work for everyone. if there is something better coming down the pipe then I don’t want to continue trying to fi this as Ive made a mess out of it so far

I’ve currently no ability to complete a transaction on any terra exchange until this frees up. Even though I have the address of where the coins went and that it was on the terra station governance/deposits page and the time there is nothing anyone can do? Its not trackable?

The other question … now that I have a new wallet can I get the still-vesting luna allocated to my new wallet? Is there anything I can do to prevent them taking that as well

Thanks so much for your assistance

OK so I thought I would get back to anyone that might have read this thread. THere isa scam on the governance deposits tab. Unfortunately I don’t know what it means in the long run for me but if you are on that part of the webpage I would not recommend using any of those links. There isa bit of info on Twitter about it and Terra devs know about it but as users…well I shoudl have known better. A moment of madness I’m afraid

As for the other issue I was able to resolve it by updaitng all of my browsers and my OS, then deleting and reloading terra station and the terra mobile. That included deleing and reloading chrome on my phone and laptop. So if you are prevented from swapping on Astro or Coinhall or the like that worked well for me. If only I had done that first before thinking I was downloading an updated terra swap. Anyway I hope this info helps someone