Terra Station is Upgrading to Station - https://station-classic.terra.money/

Some time within the next 24 hours or so the current “Terra Station” will upgrade to “Station”
The new “Station” will not be compatible with LUNC until our L1 team has done their magic.

You can with only a few clicks connect your wallet to the legacy station here:

  • You don’t need to unstake
  • You don’t need to transfer any money
  • On the same device you don’t even need to add your wallet details as your browser knows it

You can be connected to both the new “Station” for your LUNA and to the legacy Station for your LUNC

Very easy, no need to panic should your wallet not work these are the simple steps to keep you happy on the legacy station until dev catches up

If you prefer to use the desktop app, you can download it here

This is not financial advice, I am not affiliated or act on anyones behalf, do your own research.


Thanks Pascal for the clear explanation, useful for those who have not understood how easy it is. I think it’s a good move to update the station and wait for the L1 team. I’m very happy with how things are moving, now we just have to hope that there will be a demand on the market.


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Where should I move the Luna Classic from the TerraStation?

Thanks for the update. Jared at TFL is now hinting that LUNC will be compatible with interchain station. The update that was planned is now scheduled for the 12th January. Thanks to PFC validator and Alexander(maybe from TFL). No need to do anything now.

No you don’t need to move your Lunc

What happen to my staked LUNC on Trust Wallet after Terra Bridge Shuttle sunset at 31 January?