Multisig wallet - what happened?

Does anybody knows what happened with those $ 4 000 000 sitting on a multisign wallet?

As far as I know, LUNC community has $ 4 mil cash ready to be use for different purposes. So much discussions on the need of funding developers working on LUNC chain but nobody is mentioning this cash.

Maybe somebody with better knowledge could explain what happened with those money and why can’t be used.

Is still exists? Are there any challenges in using those money?

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His pretty-looking response is right here.

If you ask him, he’s gonna say exactly this. You can ask him.

You’re thinking I am joking. I’m not. This is what he has said at last.

You can see him interacting in other proposals. He has not updated anything after this on this particular proposal.

And Jimmy is still in discussion in the Luna 2.0 community (cause obviously he is the wallet owner).

He was in discussion just days back cause he is now siphoning CP money from the Luna 2.0 CP. Go check it if you don’t believe me. I don’t have any issues.

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Thanks, that’s a lot of info.

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These funds should be directed to the purchase of real estate (farm, hotel)
and business income to be burned, business management is decentralized by voting, each member (owner with lunc holding history) can work in any position in this business. There should be a salary, as in all similar structures, and for programmers of any level, they should not be more than the norm (the average salary in Europe, in my opinion).