LUNC Reserves and investments

By studying of the books of accounts of top companies of the world, one can easily find the reserves under owner equity. Mostly one company invest in other companies to maximizes its shareholders wealth. LUNC can follow the same suit.

This proposal will highlight the need of reserves and the investments of that reserves in other stable cryptos, gamefi, defi, web3 etc.


  1. MULTISIG ( need of the hour)
    Some months ago one of the LUNC community members identified that funds of LUNC scattered around some places and to bring these funds to the chain, it need a Multisig wallets. Unfortunately the community has abandoned that project and missed the opportunity cost. These funds are around $4 million, which can be used for the development.
  2. Community pool (idle money).
    After paying for Q1, community pool has been replenished by tax and contributions. Since the price is down, those LUNC has also lost its value. If LUNc sitting in community pool was sold a month ago at the level of 0.00020 or above, the chain would definitely earned some extra money that could easily be invested in other projects.
    A separate team should be hired or volunteer to carry out this additional charge. This idea would not only generate additional side reserves but also strengthen the position of the chain.
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The member was Alex forshaw, the funds are in multisig wallet (or wallets) and it was not abandoned, community decided to put it into the CP and Vegas is in the process of finding new signers for the wallets

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Still we don’t see any progress in this regards.
I have been asking of making reserves to secure the value in this highly volatile market since sep 2022.

The multisig caused a rift in the community and @Vegas took the lead after his proposal passed governance. I suggest reaching him out

Source: Terra Classic Validator discord.
Invite code: TerraClassic Validator
Channel: proposal-10936-multi-signature-wallet