New Holders - Hard Fork

Can anyone shed some light on what will happen to new holders of Luna 1.0 if Luna ends up getting forked? I’ve been a long term holder but I worry that more damage will be caused as so many retail hands fomo’d into Luna when it crashed. This is something that needs to be taken into account as these individuals can’t be left to lose their bags. They should be taken into account for trying to revive Luna instead of causing more dismay and panic in the market by kicking them out.

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They will airdrop some new LUNA V2 tokens to V1 holder, of course with huge dilution,
and the V2 token will literally worth nothing cuz no one will ever trust TERRA again and will
dump V2 token to oblivion

If they really do the fork decision, TERRA is game over forever.
trust is the most important thing in crypto world, they need to full pay their debt(UST) before they
want to start anything else