LUNA Revival Plan Distribution - Burning or New Fork?

I will start with a Question to @dokwon : If the new fork is done, will the distribution of new tokens be available, according to the revival plan, if Luna or UST is hold on an exchange, like Binance and not sold? Or that applies only for Luna / UST holders in Terra Station, Anchor, etc. ?

I purchased myself and held the token when Luna was 102!


Now, let’s address an issue , because “no one wants another fork” and “everyone wants” to burn the old token and somehow resurrect the project. Right?

I keep reading BURN LUNA, restore old token!! It is dead, OK!? You’ve been misled.

How stupid you can be restoring old token by burning and why? After the crash and with the current inflation, everyone bought millions if not billions of LUNA, if you start burning, to increase the value of the token requires a lot of capital and whoever got a lot of tokens will sell and take advantage of that capital and whoever invested and held earlier will be left behind!

Luna now is like SHIB, it is pumping, because Do Kwan or CZ tweets about it. The project is compromised by inflation, sometimes it is better to start from scratch, than to trying to fix what’s already broken BiG TIME.

CZ said, creating another fork does not create any value, that’s the same person who did not delist Luna on time from Binance and let people burn by the inflation, well, eventually he delisted it, but it was already too late! Why no one warned us about that in the first place!

Those who want to burn Luna tokens want just to cash out the millions of cheap Luna tokens they have purchased right now. Does not work that way. If you want your money back, there should be no inflation and burning is not the best option right now!

Burning by destroying the token by either transaction fees or by sending bunch of tokens to a “blackhole address” would be suitable if Luna was halted from selling or buying those cheap tokens. Project is compromised because cheap tokens are now flooded and this is not Luna anymore! I agree with burning if no one can buy more Luna until that’s resolved. That’s was the only way to preserve capital and positions.

New fork may not be the best decision, but if project is promising, what has been done in 2 years when Luna started, it can be now done for 1, so, stop whining and hold your horses! :slight_smile:

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What I wanted to see is how can we prevent such an incident from arising again.

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No fork, burn with fees.

Snapshot should be taken at least on 12TH May.

After his 11Th May tweets, he said stay strong and he had some recovery plan. Many people bought at the price of 1$,2$ and so on.

How could we compete against the people who is holding millions /billions token now?

At least put us into the category of 35%.

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If it’s just a fork, both the new LUNA and the old LUNA will become garbage, what’s the use of a coin that has lost everyone’s credibility?
He differs from the nature of the BTC fork.
luna is like a gang, after deceiving one group of people, go on to deceive another group of people with a different name.
Forking, can help them dodge all liability, as they can compensate property loss with a bunch of useless data.
In fact, DK、including his team, will exit this scam without damage。

Does not just look like a new fork…

The truth is, whatever they do there will be always winners and losers, can’t satisfy all.
It is a matter of priorities for the project to move forward.

I do not like how they played this out either, but the attack is obviously, whether that’s orchestrated or not, will see