NFT Launchpad Ecosystem

Hello Fellow Lunatics!

I know lunatics is not really used much anymore, but what better way to term myself than someone who is crazy enough to continue to look into Terra Classic xP.

Creating this thread to increase my exposure to this forum.

We are running

We are a launchpad ecosystem where profits from the launchpad goes directly to LunaPunk holders.

Reason why we created this launchpad where profits goes directly to holders is because of the state of NFT projects. We love NFTs and have faced so many projects where founders mint their own project out, inflating prices of their own NFTs. We hate / despise this culture of NFT. And want to bring a fair and just NFT ecosystem so that we can enjoy supporting the projects who are true and focus on their project.

Somewhat to support project teams like LunaPunks! We love the value of NFTs and hope to bring on and help support similar founders with like minded ideologies.

Come check us out, we have launched 2 projects on Classic already.

If you have a NFT project in mind, and are an honest team. We are looking for you and will guide you towards launching on our platform~

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Good work!