NO FORK- Buy and Burn

every one will sell LUNA2 after the fork, they’re afraid they’ll get baited again.
at least burning solution will encourage people to hold, and it’s much more healthier for the ecosystem.


Agree, why would anyone trust another project if they let this one go to ZERO! Wouldn’t that just prove everything that was said and promised and all the great work done was simply WOrthless???

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It’s $UST that needs to be bought back and burned. Then $LUNA will be bought back next, and it will have an organic recovery (since excess $UST is the reason we can’t burn $LUNA to $UST anymore) [Proposal] A Better Way Forward™ = TFL pays back $UST by burning excesses, NO FORK



Burn luna we want back luna

Raise your voice tomorrow on Terra Station. No need to spam the forum.

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