Binance to Implement Terra Classic (LUNC) Burn Mechanism on Trading Fees |


It’s much less than 0.1% per one trade if we consider all fee levels. Even with current high trading volume it’s almost nothing. :frowning:

CZ lier! I screenshotted the turnovers of the coin…
LUNC/USDT and LUNC/BUSDT + margin turnover averaged 2 trillion per day. 27 = 14 trillion
14 trillion
1.2% = 168B

Guys, i understand all common sentiments and the road for rebuild is hard and long, but we need to give time to all of our dev team that are doing a beatiful job but also who is contributing to our common goal, we cannot pretend that Exchanges MUST share our decisions in every single particular, Terra Classic must walk with his legs first of all, i think we could modify our point of view .

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I wanna know why the wormhole and bridge were shut down. This is a huge attack against the LUNC community. They’ve disabled cross chain bridges so people holding on BSC or other chains can’t get their stuff onto exchanges to cash out. They’re stuck trading on the BSC or other blockchain where liquidity may not be as abundant.