Ommunity assets distributed, by on-chain voting proposal


Community funds to be distributed by on-chain voting through the Terra Classic governance proposal system


The motivation for this discussion is to understand the will of the community regarding the distribution of funds.
There is a need to close this chapter so that no more time is wasted in relation to off-chain funds.


Do you agree that community assets should always be distributed by on-chain voting through the Terra Classic governance proposal system?
By voting yes to this proposal you are agreeing that all distribution of funds has to be done via on-chain voting.

this is a follow-up of this discussion .Reclaiming to the community the Off-Chain Community Assets - #85 by Rbb786


That means that 4.2 million wallet will go to waste?

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Although I fully agree on your proposal, I believe that at least Nov and probably Dec TR funding must be done in a different “Emergency” way.

Devs MUST be paid amd until we manage to pass the proposals vote on the way to do it, vote in the amounts, percentages, etc… This is a very serious bussiness now and Devs cannot be thinking to leave becouse they just cannot live on what they make here.

On the top of that we see a price decline that is costing us a lot more than 4.16M USD


No with veto





We can definitely vote via the Governance system on the below

1: Remuneration package
2: Time commitment from the 9 if indeed we need 9!
3: I know you want the best for the community… So why not agree 50:50 split of the sums
LUNC is very volatile let them manage the risk by allowing some of it to remain off chain.
4: if we ring fence the 50% of the 4.16m and let the price rise to x2 and then start distributing to projects… it has the same goal as what you want to achieve right now. It will give the community and investors like me confidence that we have a goal to aim towards and keep buying LUNC to get to that price!
5: We are fighting and destroying the LUNC community and soon people like me will move over to Doge etc because at the end of the day Pedro. I’m an investor and as much as I love being part of the LUNC community I can’t save it from the self destruction that is going on at the moment

Power corrupts the best of us and ego is even worse when faced by large crowds… ie social media. We start making decisions based on what people would think rather than what is right for the project.

So sometimes in life we have to look at the bigger picture and that is to understand why sensible men like @ek826 @Zaradar have put their name to @413x_45h4w ’s proposal. It is quite divisive and the self elected 9 is centralisation at its best. But these are grown up men who are frustrated with the lack of progress and trying to move forward rather than keep going in circles.

The bottom line is we’re all grown ups and we can all figure out if $5k/m is taking the p*ss out of community owned assets or not

These are community owned assets and it isn’t finders keepers. This is not for debate. The Terra Classic chain and any assets attributed to it is the Community assets… Period… so I agree @Vegas with this point whole heartedly

But I can understand why Do Kwon’s 6 friends want it to be handed over to Do Kwon’s new 6 friends…

It’s because we have become stagnant and going around circles a-bit like Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

So do the honourable thing… Let’s talk and build bridges and not destroy what is beautiful about the LUNC community

So in summary let’s work to get a 50:50 split of the funds… to risk manage…

Let’s roll out the dice so we can have some traction and set clear objectives and completion of key deliverables

Do the 50:50 for Salaries - so 50% guaranteed and 50% based on KPI delivery

It will keep everyone incentivised and on their toes so if they don’t perform we give them the boot!

The community will set the KPIs so that it remains a community owned project

But we can keep going round in circles… We are in November and the excitement we had from 2-3 months ago has disappeared…

Let’s take some deep breaths and make this work…

I’m here to help bring some calmness in the madness. London isn’t that far if you need to catch up…

Let’s make LUNC great again…

There is no I in Team… as diverse as we are our common goal is to succeed and make truck loads of money!


Rushed proposal, getting in there first doesn’t show what the community wants. Just fomo their reactions. I’ll be ‘no with veto’ just because you’re using you socail power to trying too pass proposals


No with veto


Vegas, there are many different types of community assets that are under distribution rules that are outside the governance proposal system, i.e. tax, oracle, gas, staking. I assume this is targeted at multi-sig wallet so you should be explicit about it. As such, this proposal cannot pass as it is written.


I beg you. Please stop being disaster along where you been. OMG T_T


This proposal is too vague to be binding and has too many side effects.
Why not just let people vote on individual proposals instead of trying to gatekeep what can be voted on? This proposal isn’t even technically enforceable!


Hey, Vegas what are u thinking putting up this proposals?
It looks like u need some time off man. Take a break and think clearly what are u doing.
Short said: What if we need emergency funds, lets say for the repagg of USTC and keep pegged or if someone exploits the chain and we need emergency funds. Should we wait 7 days for the prop to pass. Havent we learned from the past mistakes of USTC depegg.
No with veto
And please dont make the governance a mockery


It is depend on the asset… and what is the purpose and use of that asset…

Pay to Alex, who offered to sell lunc/ustc and destroy ustc. Weird.

Developers need to be paid, of course. But where’s the real plan ustc repeg, recovering apps?


Vegas i support you most of times but this prop is unacceptable the way is written. You need to be serious, please


@ek826 you know what he means. Sit down and help him write a proposal that isn’t divisive to the community

We just don’t want 9 men to have power over $4.16m

Understand the frustration but help make it fair so everyone wins


No, it means that the funds will have to go to the community pool. and then follow the normal route of applying for grants.


OMG!!! How dare you said that? Unbelievable!!
Shame on you. Are you entering to the Blockchain yesterday? Look at his proposal and look at Alex proposal. Is he kidding the us.

Read more and more please. Don’t shame yourself


Yes. I understand and I have been working non-stop to talk to all parties behind the scenes and come to some sort of compromise. The problem is that everyone has deal breaker terms that are “non-negotiable”. Initiating a vote now is pre-mature.


Ed is not here to babysit adults and micromanage their every move. Why don’t you help vegas? Or find someone in the community to help? The man’s got enough on his plate without playing into all the drama and a clearly rushed and unthoughtful proposal such as this.