Distribute the $4M in Off-Chain Community Assets Towards LUNC’s Revitalization


Shalom! :pray:

We, the signatories, propose to divide the approximately $4.1 million from the recently-unveiled ethereum crosschain multisig wallet [0x9538D438d506Fc426dB37fb83daC2a0752A02757] into manageable chunks with the specific intent of maximizing the money’s use across a wide array of initiatives. Ergo, this proposal seeks to outline a diverse set of undertakings that are greater than the sum of their parts, and will greatly speed up LUNC’s revitalization! Unlike other proposals of this type, this one seeks to send the money where it’s needed most, as soon as possible, with as much clarity as possible, and with the least amount of procrastination.

Our aim is to ensure that individuals and groups critical to LUNC’s betterment get access to funding sooner than later! The initiatives outlined in this proposal don’t lean on the good will of undoxxed individuals, nor hemorrhage funds to pay for unelected dignitaries - everything is done by the book and through regular governance channels!

Proposal Overview:

  1. Divide the overall assets available within the mult-sig wallet into smaller portions
  2. Hire a legal representative (or firm) to oversee this detailed process of extraction
  3. Ensure the money is clear of any legal liabilities, or prior entanglements/dependencies
  4. If necessary, nominate certain doxxed, trusted individual to act as temporary key-holders
  5. Once extracted, deliver the funds to specific beneficiaries as outlined in more detail below


With the recent passing of proposal #10879 (Ommunity assets distributed, by on-chain voting proposal), it’s become obvious that the community desires to exercise its voting rights. The $4.1 million in off-chain assets that’s recently come to everyone’s attention doesn’t belong to just a single handful of people, and must instead make its way through the trial of governance! The wider crypto space is rife with scams, exploitation, and lack of trust (as the recent FTX debacle proved all too painfully), which is exactly why we need to cling to proven methods. Ergo, any division of community money (such as that $4.1 million) must be done in a decentralized, trustless, and transparent manner! Our proposal aims to respect community sentiment that was expressed via the passing of prop #10879, and give the power of governance back to the people. With the steps outlined below we propose to divide the funds so they can serve as force multipliers in the greater theatre of LUNC’s rise from the ashes.


We take into account the wallet’s funds which stand at approximately $4.1 million ± X {adjusted for market volatility}, henceforth referred to as the “$4M” or “$4-million multi-sig wallet”. The method(s) and legal technicalities used to achieve extraction of these funds will be handled by an accredited intermediary hired explicitly for this purpose (more about this later in the proposal). With all the aforementioned in mind, we propose that the total assets (over $4M at current prices) be split thusly:

  • 35% - Purchase LUNC and send it to the community pool to fund future projects, dApps, initiatives, developers, marketing/outreach, etc., in accordance with community wishes. These assets will remain there for the foreseeable future once deposited, and will fall under community jurisdiction, to be spent in accordance with future governance proposals and their outcomes. These funds are not to be derailed, and are meant exclusively for the community pool!

  • 30% - Direct fiat payout to Terra Rebels, to be split among their members according to the group’s internal voting/agreement, in order to compensate them all for months of unpaid work. This portion of the funds can be temporarily frozen at the discretion of Terra Rebels until they’ve formed a DAO or some other legal entity to protect themselves from liability (if they so choose - we leave the decision to them). If this proposal passes, the funds can and should be paid out to Terra Rebels at their earliest convenience, in whichever manner they prefer (staggered payment, lump sum, etc.). If Terra Rebels internally votes to reject these funds (for whatever reason), then the money will be used to purchase LUNC and re-direct it into the community pool for the same purpose as above.

  • 10% - Fiat reserve to be placed aside under the jurisdiction of the Terra Rebels development & programming sub-team, for the explicit purpose of funding hardware/endpoints if TFL withdraws support and leaves LUNC out to dry. Given the legal troubles Mr. Do Kwon has found himself in, we should be prepared in case his company goes under and can’t (or won’t) provide further support for LUNC. The funds within this sub-section aim to address and pre-empt that possibility! The team in charge of these assets would reassess the need for this fund once every 6 months. Once it becomes superfluous, then divide the money into 2 parts: half for the community pool, and half as a payout for the Terra Rebels team stewarding it (if they refuse a payout, send their portion of the funds to the community pool). If the Terra Rebels development/programming sub-team refuses to undertake this task at all in case our proposal passes, then send these funds directly to the community pool.

  • 10% - Fiat or crypto to be set aside for contract/bounty dev-work (programming), to attract and fund external developers who can lighten and speed up TR’s workload on LUNC (a la Jacob Gadikian’s recent coding work on IBCs). This fund would be under the direct control and supervision of Zaradar (Tobias Andersen), who would write and award “programming bounties” for needed blockchain work, and delegate them to external non-TR devs (with full transparency to the community, of course: ie, the work being done, the individual sub-contrated to do it, the agreed-upon price, the general time-frame for delivery, etc.). Every completed “bounty” would pay 85% of its award sum to the external programmer (cooperant), and 15% to Zaradar (to compensate him for the work-hours and effort needed to organize and run all this), regardless of the size of the contract…
    A few guidelines to ensure smooth operations:
    a) Each project must be completed before the agreed-upon payout can commence!
    b) Multiple divrse projects may be initiated at the same time, and/or run concurrently.
    c) Bounties can be paid in fiat or crypto (depending on agreement with cooperants).
    d) The price per bounty is set by Zaradar, depending on the nature/length/difficulty of the work!
    The contracted devs don’t need to be doxxed as long as they submit their work before being paid (and Zaradar approves it). Due to Zaradar’s technical aptitude and decades of programming+managerial experience, we leave to him full discretion whether to split this “bounty money” across many smaller projects, or use it to fund a handful of large ones. The purpose of this fund is to help TR progress through their LUNC roadmap faster, and hire outside help when needed (or for unforseen/external work that will benefit the chain). If Zaradar refuses to undertake this initiative (for whatever reason), then divert these funds to the community pool.

  • 5% - Purchase LUNC and split it evenly between small LUNC validators who meet all of the 5 following criteria (for the purpose of further decentralizing voting power):
    (I) validator must have come online during October 2022 as the second batch of active validators
    (II) validator must have been active prior to 15th of November 2022 (to prevent exploiting this drop)
    (III) validator must have less than or equal to 1% voting power at the time of this proposal passing
    (IV) validator must have at least 98% or more uptime, calculated at the time of this proposal passing
    (V) in case a validator runs/owns additional LUNC validators, only a single one of those will be eligible
    If no validators meet all of these requirements, then send the funds to the community pool!

  • 4% - Fiat or crypto collateral to be set aside for helping the eventual re-peg of LUNC’s potential stablecoin/AFT when the time comes (regardless if that’s USTC or something else entirely). This fund would be under the jurisdiction of Duncan from the Terra Rebels Quant Team, to be used for the express purpose outlined herein! Once a unified re-peg whitepaper has been produced by the Quant Team, these funds shall then be used to bootstrap the initiative at their discretion, and to the best of their ability. If the Quant Team refuses to custodian these funds in the meantime (or can’t agree upon a course of action within 6 months of this proposal passing), then divert the money into the community pool! Within those 6 months, however, the Quant Team is free to try and grow this fund by using 50% of it to acquire yield in whichever way they deem best (the other 50% must remain untouched, in case the first half is mismanaged). Duncan and the Quant Team retain the right to choose in which form these assets are held and grown (fiat, crypto, a combination of the two, etc.). Since Duncan is doxxed, he will be the primary quant in charge of spearheading and organizing this initiative, and will answer to the community about what’s currently being done with the funds at any point in time. If Duncan refuses to undertake this task, RedlineDrifter may do so instead with all the aforementioned privileges and responsibilities, but he must doxx himself fully… If both refuse, send the funds to the community pool. If Alex Forshaw rejoins TR at any point in time as a Quant, these funds are to be immediately liquidated and used to purchase LUNC to be sent to the community pool!

  • 3% - Fiat payout to Professor Edward Kim’s grants program (http://terragrantsfoundation.org/), to further strengthen and aid the development of new utility for our growing chain. If Prof. Kim refuses to accept this money (for whatever reason), then re-divert the funds to the community pool.

  • 2% - Funds set aside for legal council to ensure the wallet holdings are clear of any legal liability (hire a professional to review and process the $4-million wallet extraction). This legally accredited and fully-doxxed individual (or multiple attorneys) would be paid via regular fiat, not crypto. We seek the most efficient way in which to process and obtain the approximate $4M outlined here in Mr. Forshaw’s article (Fund Devs With $4M of Off-Chain Community Assets). This must be done in a transparent manner that respects the law but seeks to minimize the amount of assets lost during the money’s inevitable transitory period (to regular taxes, crypto fees, slippage/swaps, etc.). Any remaining funds after this work has been completed and the legal advisor(s) paid in full (2% of overall wallet assets allotted for it) will be redirected to the community pool! If it becomes necessary, we nominate some of the Terra Rebels core founders to act as temporary multi-sig key holders for the express purpose of transferring the funds from the current key-owners to the community as outlined within this greater proposal. These TR core founders are:
    (i)Tobias “Zaradar” Andersen
    (ii) Pedro “Vegas” Borges
    (iIi) Professor Edward Kim
    If any of the 3 aforementioned refuse to process this request (all 3 must accept!), then the accredited functionairy/councilor/attorney(s) will be tasked with doing so. Note that these proposed keyholders would only act as a temporary “bridge” for the funds, and would have no spending freedom over the money (apart from any nominated and specific roles outlined elsewhere in this proposal).

  • 1% - Direct fiat payout to Mr. Alexander Forshaw as a “finder’s fee” for his work in pursuing these funds and negotiating their release from Mr. Do Kwon, but with the stipulation that Mr. Forshaw will not again involve himself in governance-making or proposal-writing for LUNC (he does remain free to voice his opinions as a private individual, and use his personal reserves of LUNC/USTC to vote on proposals as he sees fit). If this proposal passes but Mr. Forshaw refuses to accept the payout (for whatever reason), then split the money evenly among the Terra Rebels Discord moderator team to at least somewhat compensate all the unpaid work they do in building and coordinating the wider LUNC community. If some of them refuse, split the money between the remaining ones. If all of them refuse, send the funds to the community pool.


Q: Why not simply buy and burn $4 million worth of LUNC? Wouldn’t that demonstrate the community’s willingness to sacrifice for the greater good, while also driving the price up?
A: It’d be a token gesture, nothing more. There’s almost 7 trillion coins out there - burning about 20 billion ($4-million worth) won’t cause even a dent in the overall supply! It’s wasteful. Not to mention that so much money can be used to fund actual development and utility for the chain, which will serve us in perpetuity and not just for one single burn. And any positive price action would be short-lived in this kind of bear market.

Q: Why throw so much money into the community pool? No one even uses that!
A: There’ll come a time in the future when multiple developers and groups will compete to build on our blockchain. We’re not there yet, but it will happen. The money in the community pool can be used as a carrot. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done to restore LUNC’s functionality and bring it to parity with LUNA2 (so the latter’s dApps can be backported). Once a few key components like that have been restored is when we’ll begin seeing a lot of interest - having money in the community pool will give us options.

Q: Does Terra Rebels deserve to be paid so much? They’re volunteers, aren’t they?
A: Yes, they deserve to paid because they’ve been working for months, for free, and they’re the main reason we have any positive price movement on LUNC. There’s over 40 people on that team - once the money is divided, it’s not even that much per person. Also, without them the chain would’ve died a long time ago, and everyone holding LUNC would have worthless tokens right now. If or when some other competing group comes along that’s willing to work on LUNC, then we can re-open this discussion, but for the time being TR is our main driver of progress… and we’re lucky to have them! Regardless of all that, people deserve to be paid for their honest work. And the more money we can secure for TR, the faster they can work on developing LUNC for us!

Q: Why does this proposal aim to play favorites with some validators while ignoring others?
A: We desperately need more decentralization. Voting power is mostly concentrated among the top handful of validators… and there isn’t enough money in that $4M wallet to change this to any large degree. Sending some LUNC to the lower-power/new(er) validators will help to at least somewhat offset the major gap that’s been present for so long, and that allows a handful of people to hold so much influence. It can also be done with relatively few funds diverted to this cause. Also, we’re not playing favorites here - any validator who fits the criteria is eligible to get LUNC if the proposal passes. And by the time this proposal goes up for voting (and/or passes) the validator landscape could look much different than now, so there’s no way to tell who’ll be eligible for those tokens.

Q: How exactly are these “programming bounties” supposed to help us? And why Zaradar?
A: Terra Rebels are underpaid and overworked - most of them have to hold down regular 9-5 jobs, and can’t dedicate an entire workday to LUNC. This is where the bounties come in! Tobias Andersen (Zaradar) is one of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals within the community, and he’s also a senior developer/programmer with extensive experience in managing large projects. By writing and offering these “bounties” to external programmers, Zaradar would be able to relieve some of the devwork pressure he and his team are under. He’s also fully doxxed and has demonstrated his committment to LUNC by working on the project for months without pay. There’s no better person to run this initiative (Prof. Ed Kim was briefly considered as a co-lead, but he’s already occupied with his grants program).

Q: This proposal makes a point about decentralization, but then goes and nominates 3 keyholders to handle all our money? Isn’t that literally the definition of centralization?
A: Those 3 keyholders wouldn’t have any personal control or spending power over the $4 million - their only role would be to temporarily handle the multisig until the off-chain assets within can be divided as outlined in this proposal. Ideally, this would be done in as short a timeframe as possible. The nominated keyholders (Tobias Andersen, Edward Kim, Pedro Borges) were hand-picked for their outstanding track record and community contributions. All 3 are doxxed, trusted, and upstanding members of our community. There were some other fine members who were also considered, but they weren’t doxxed so they didn’t make the list.

Q: Why is Mr. Forshaw discouraged from governance-making if he accepts the “finder’s fee”?
A: Because of his rather questionable behavior in the past, and conflicts-of-interest in the present.


It is our wish to see LUNC prosper, and those working on its revitalization paid for their efforts. For this to happen, the community needs to put aside its tribalistic differences and finally come together in a way that allows the assets within that $4M wallet to be spent on further developing the chain itself. Only by working together can we ensure a prosperous future for LUNC, and for everyone who believes in its potential.

Vote YES if you AGREE with everything outlined above, and how the funds should be distributed!
Vote NO if you DISAGREE with some or most of the above, and how the funds should be distributed.

Note/Addendum - please donate LUNC to help fund this proposal on Terra Station!
Funding wallet address: terra1ncjg4a59x2pgvqy9qjyqprlj8lrwshm0wleht5
Memo (must include!): 104465193

Proposal penned and submitted by:
Rabbi Jebediah Aaron-David Shekelstein,
Grand Mohel & President of Israel’s Septuagenarian Crypto-Enthusiasts Club

Prof. Levi Goldmann
Dr. Menacheim Rubin
Mohel Shlomo Saban
Yosef “Uli” Bizraeli
Baruch Kvetcher Sr.
Moses K. Morgenthau
Zachariah J. Cohen
Benjamin Garrison
Abraham Schnözler
Ariel David Blum
Forchin Polowitz
Omar Lichtenberg
Kazarya N’Meelkers
Sarah-Ruth Ann Levi


Greatly worded, good fundamentals, awesome proposal. A strong YES!


The most comprehensive proposal ever done. Anybody voting no clearly doesn’t have the LUNC community in mind

  1. All funds must be transferred to the community pool.
  2. 100% of the community pool must be staking.
  3. All payouts for any required purpose are made only from staking rewards and only in LUNC tokens.
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Thank you. A few thoughts:

  1. have we considered the depreciation of assets with the recent crash? I understand the current value is now closer to $2.5m.
  2. have we considered the cost of retaining legal counsel?
  3. have we considered the cost of professional trusteeship/legal involvement in the liquidation process? (Understand Prof. Kim and Vegas are not interested in the signatory role at this time.
  4. Despite misgivings about Alex I don’t think it’s fair to take Alex out of governance. Agree that there has been some fringe comments however the spirit of decentralisation and censorship resistance is the bed rock of this chain.

All in all I think a good prop, more practical than others I have seen. Just a few kinks to iron out I think.


A very well thought out proposal. Well done :clap:


Already pool is incerased everyday why you want more? This only steal money in lunc. How many staked people wallet to pool 1000?-5000?
And this wallet have lawsuit responsible for litigation, signatorys

Wow. Huge amount of good ideas in there and definitely a good read. This is the most detailed outline of how that money could be spent that I have seen to date. Well thought through and certainly a good input. If passed this would indeed redirect the money where its needed the most. It also rewards people that are long over due to be paid for their voluntary work. Generous ‘finders fee’ in my opinion is also acceptable. :ok_hand: There probably will be input from the community on specific spend percentages - f.e should the legal fund not be larger than 2% given how much money and people is involved or the percentage the Quant team can use to grow these funds towards the USTC repeg proposal. That’s just 2 I spotted that seem to be worth investing in more. Looking forward to community feedback and honestly, I hope this proposal will be seriously considered. I’d definitely lend it a vote.


I like the proposal.Dont think Alex should be banned since because of him we got the money.


Extremely well articulated proposal


Why did you include the “donation wallet” in your agora proposal? (Its the Binance deposit wallet). Proposals can be community funded directly on Terra Station in the Governance tab under Deposit.

Using a Binance deposit address with a memo makes it impossible for people to see how much LUNC has been “donated” to help fund a proposal.


With the recent passing of proposal #10879

The passing of this prop means nothing at all, it was more like a poll. The passing of this prop doesn’t mean it enables you to take custody of something you don’t own. Whichever community sentiment everyone thinks has been checked through this proposal, it means completely nothing.

Using a Binance wallet to raise funding is a huge red flag, shouldn’t be part of an self-proclaimed transparent proposal, if you ask me. Just use the deposit function on Terra Station!

Barring people to participate in Governance, a holder of lunc I may add, because of 1% compensation finders fee shouldn’t even be considered. Everyone, also Alex, is allowed to participate in Governance even if we don’t see eye to eye on proposals.

“30% - Direct fiat payout to Terra Rebels, to be split among their members according to the group’s internal voting/agreement, in order to compensate them all for months of unpaid work.”

I want the Terra Rebel devs to get a decent payday. But just handing over a bag of cash and let them work it out there selves isn’t transparent at all. Some are more deserving of a certain share then others. It should be written out how much and the community should be able to vote on it. If you want it this way just replace the current signors and let’s get to work.

Not an proposal I’ll be getting behind anytime soon, in this form.
I am going to thank you for thinking it out and putting it up, looks like a lot of time went into writing it.


I am interested in the explanation for this as well. Otherwise, very worthwhile breakdown and proposal. Also agree with others that it is enough to pay Forshaw a finders fee, and to separate him from the direct handling of these funds. You needn’t include the language barring him from governance. He is a LUNC stake holder as far as anyone can tell, and entitled to the same access to, and rights of, governance as everyone else. No one can really be banned from the Agora, such a concept is antithetical, which I am certain you know. He does have a role, and probably will continue to do so, as distasteful as you find that fact. You are a smart dude, Rabbi; with a few sharp points buffed off of it, I think your proposal is broadly correct.


Community Pool money will be used to fund projects at some point. It is not gonna grow forever. The proposal also addressed the legal issues by hiring a team to investigate those funds. If that money is ‘dirty’ in any way - obviousky we cannot touch it.


I dont think alex should be banned. We are talking about that money because of him.


The most comprehensive proposal ever done. So Yes


Likely the best proposal regarding the management of those funds thus far. I liked Vegas’ proposal, but I feel this one is a fair bit clearer and easier to implement. This is a no frills proposal that sets out to do what needs to be done quickly, efficiently, and as far as I can tell, safely. This definitely has my vote.


Prof. Levi Goldmann
Dr. Menacheim Rubin
Mohel Shlomo Saban
Yosef “Uli” Bizraeli
Baruch Kvetcher Sr.
Moses K. Morgenthau
Zachariah J. Cohen
Benjamin Garrison
Abraham Schnözler
Ariel David Blum
Forchin Polowitz
Omar Lichtenberg
Kazarya N’Meelkers
Sarah-Ruth Ann Levi

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of these fine ladies and gentlemen during my business trip to the blessed land of israel. I have the utmost respect and trust for them, and if they were willing to put their names on your proposal, than this is a hard yes for me. Kazarya N’Meelkers was a great pleasure to work with. I hope to do more business with her.

God bless America and God bless the Jewish people of Israel.


Congrats Rabbi, the best and most detailed prop sofar. Well thought and clearly written. 100% transparency and no shenanigans or hidden agenda. In the best interest of Lunc and the community, without doing any damage to so important principle of decentralization. Definitely a yes from me.


This is giving me SCAM vibes.

Memo required?? 99% sure this is an exchange address…

terra1ncjg4a59x2pgvqy9qjyqprlj8lrwshm0wleht5 is a Binance wallet

Isolating control of the funds and probably attempting to wash…

You can state good intentions all you want but anyone who used Mirror Protocol and saw the governance exploited this same way with “good intentions” and the funds directed to a scammer’s wallet addr…

People are so desperate to vote YES to get something accomplished they’ll vote the chain into oblivion