Only buy n burn LUNA can save...others are meaningless

Basic on history of FX, all intervention is useless for helping a currency, such as JPY, MYR, INR, IND

In Crypto, creater can do only is …buy and burn in a plan…

Announce this…market force will help to recover.

Stop hyperinflation and decrease the supply is the only way to save LUNA


No money to buy back they spent all of the BTC reserve “ saving” UST

Start burning burning burning back to profit we go. Action needs to be done fast to get price rising. I don’t know why it wasn’t started Saturday morning instead of waiting for the start of the week.

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They can use UST from OTC deal to just swap it for LUNA and burn it. But they are giving it to UST institutional holders to save their ass from criminal prosecution. This is it. They are not intent on buying back or saving LUNA and have never been. Its over.

I agree buying can save. not necessary burn through.

Here is my proposal: [Proposal] one step save luna ecos [Lunatic ONLY bond]

(Since, I do not have right to post yet. sorry for reply similar content again. )

  • Lunatic only bond. purchase 100mm luna and lock / stacking for next 3 or 10 years.

We do not suggest normal person to do so. Those addresses have stacked luna can join this contract.

  • purchase 100mm luna and lock for 3 years. the rewards is 1mm UST. Let’s see the true color of the lunatic.
    • if you have doubt about luna, please do not purchase any luna
    • if you have double about UST value , please do not stack in this program
    • actually, we are not welcome all people to join, because it is high risk high reward, only lunatic can join this. if you do not have stacked luna, you have no right to do so.

I purchased 100MM luna starting from $22.22. till $0.0000012, I do not want to sell them. I want a way to lock them all.

That’s it.