The only way to save LUNA : Burn to moon!

There is no doubt …LUNA drop 99.99999999% to 0.0004 because of huge number of LUNA in market…
the only way to save LUNA is burn…
Mr Do Kwon pls use all your resource to buy back LUNA and burn in a certain % in a regular period until USD$50 per LUNA (around half of before)

NO other method…pls dont waste time and resource to do meaningless plan.

If you also agree, pls like to push TERRA to start the project of “Burn to moon”


Burn is the way. Luna still can be saved.


Don’t even need to buy it back.

You could offer NFT artwork or linked to other assets in exchange for burning LUNA too.

You could also continue to burn LUNA in exchange for UST but only allow it one way, letting UST be its own free bird that doesn’t try to represent a dollar.


LFG should buy excess LUNA(for burn) and announce the well choreographed plan to the market. Once they do so market will react and UST/LUNA price will adjust accordingly.

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Burn Baby Burn.
Lets get this price to go up again…

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The Ways to save LUNA
1- Burn it in regular % with announcing to public
2- Use the reserve to burn it in very intelligent process by creating NFT pegging process
3- Utlizing your own BTC reserve to buy LUNA and the Burn, that will lead to increase the LUNA valu.
4- Later Stage to AirDrop

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The ring of fire!! :fire:

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