Orion Money adoption- how to improve it

Hi, guys! I’m looking for ways to improve Orion adoption and how to grow the user base. Any ideas are welcomed!

The 100B stablecoins market now has access to Orion Saver and the 15-25% APY on deposits that it offers. All of these will be swapped to UST, driving up the demand for UST and therefore the value of luna up!

Source: https://twitter.com/Jayljl/status/1403550045002100736

So, how can we bring ETH stable coins to Orion Money?

We start with competition: We can start marketing Orion to crypto users that already use borrow /lending protocols from the CoinGeko list, like Aave, Compound, Maker, oasis, etc.

Or to users who use Blockfi, Nexo, YouHodler, Celsius Network,Swissborg, Venus, Voyager, etc.

So, our first step it’s to analyze the traffic and the users of each of this protocol and see what we can find us. We can use a Seo tool like SimilarWeb, SEMRush or Ahrens etc.

People who use AAve and Compound are mostly crypto native users, and most of the traffic it’s coming directly or referral traffic from Coingeko and Coinmarketcap.

Let’s analyze Blockfi traffic. Here are the link/s where we can find more how their website has grown in the last years: It seems that an SEO strategy and affiliate marketing have worked for them.

Most apps like Blockfi, Nexo, YouHodler, etc. have the same strategy for marketing+ they have an affiliate marketing strategy to incentivize creators on YouTube and people to promote their projects.

-I think developing a marketing strategy for the website will help a lot: A SEO strategy, marketing plan, etc. We need to increase the website traffic in some ways.

-Affiliate Marketing by incentivizing creators on youtube and other people to promote the protocol. I don’t know if this strategy can be implemented, but it’s used a lot by other protocols and big crypto companies.

-We should focus more on the marketing side of the website, by hiring people who have experience in growing a website user base, hire people from Upwork, Fiverr, or other freelancer websites, etc. The website cannot grow long-term if the community it’s not involved in marketing.

-We need a video strategy on YouTube and bring more creators to speak about Orion money and how it works. We can contact the YouTube creators who have already an DEFI audience or people who are used how a savings protocol works. I will find the links of the channels and post them bellow.
Also, we should find all the referral websites that speak about savings accounts in the defi space!

These are some of my ideas right now. I will update you when I will find new ones. In the meantime, every one it’s welcomed to leave his opinion on how we can grow the user’s base of Orion Money.

Let’s put our brain to work and find some ideas how we can grow this together! Thank you

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We need tutorial videos in different languages (I’m learning editing, to make some videos in Portuguese for example) Spanish can also be a good market due to the instability of the South American economy.
To get new people, show them the difference between leaving money in the bank devaluing with inflation or putting the money to work for you, earning 20%+ with the bank of the future, without the middleman stealing your funds.

To get new users and users of other protocols with their stablecoins, you first need to inspire trust above all else, the loss of funds as happened in other protocols in others chains is a bad reputation for the market in general. Inspiring unconditional trust must be the main focus.

If people trust the protocol, that would be the best markting.-Alexandre!


@frankunderwood22 Thank you so much for starting this thread!

A couple of points:

  1. All 100% deposits at Orion Saver will be converted into UST and hence will use up UST and burn Luna.
  2. We think that not only Orion Saver will get depositors and users but also Orion Saver will help to educate many Ethereum-side crypto-natives about Anchor and Terra ecosystem. Some users will deposit their Eth stablecoins with us, but surely many will also go directly into Terra - which are absolutely fine with and even more - happy to support!
    These are the ways we think Orion Money will benefit Terra ecosystem and community directly.
    But as @frankunderwood22 rightly is saying to grow Orion Saver we need your LUNAtics’ help too.
    We absolutely would love to hear your ideas on how to get more adoption for Orion Money. Please write them here or connect us via Orion.Money TG.
    Thank you! LUNAtics are stronger together!!!

I just don’t understand how 20% or, 18% is even sustainable if the growth of the UST ecosystem taps into more traditional users that won’t use the borrowing on Anchor.

Again, if we have all these dApps offering the yield and if they are successful in attracting plenty of deposits, but those users will do little borrow to balance the Anchor ecosystem, will only increase the gap between the deposits and borrowing which I doubt the Anchor yield will be able to be 20-18%.

Getting traffic from stakingrewards.com may be worthwhile as well.

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