Partnership with Stripe? 3.1 Million active websites

Idea for TFL.
Stripe will start accept payments in crypto once again.
Why not form a partnership, sponsor or pay to be the default Stable coin for Stripe crypto?
The same way google pays Apple to be the default search engine on iOS, I believe Terra could do the same.

This would be massive for Terra, to reach millions of traFi users, growing UST adoption rate, diversifying from Defi apps (anchor).


I support this. A partnership with Square would rival paypal/venmo’s partnership with Circle… Anchor on cash app?

Because it’s KYC and regulated up their asses. I’ve been working with them for my business and let me tell you, there is so much regulation required. They even asked me our cancellation policy and our bank statements. Too soviet for Terra…The best option would be to follow through with an independent wallet like Kash or Kado. I’d be the first to include the API on my website and get paid in UST