Possibility to export transaction history

Hey there,

I am doing my taxes for 2020 right now - and and as much as I like the Terra ecosystem: Getting historical data Terra Station is a pain in the butt compared to competitors. For example: No option to export an CSV - and complicated to check former liquidity pool activities.

I guess there won’t be any real mass adoption happening without a more convenient way to export data for tax reasons. Any chance that this will change in the near future?


Fully agreed. Would be very nice if there was a possibility to download deposit, trade and withdraw history so one could file ones taxes correctly. Luna to the moooon!

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In comparison to reaching mainstream adoption this appears to be negligible… but actually those admin topics are essential. Would be much appreciated.

hi all! there are a few things in the works:

  1. Terra Station
  2. stake.tax
    and 3) trackterra.org

a bigger issue you’ll have (personally, #2 is the best by far), is that tax tracking apps like Koinly don’t even support the tokens and functionality of Anchor etc, so yeah, it’s a tough one.

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