Potential smart contract bug! Terra station Swap used burn module instead of swap = 512UST swap fee on a 2K swap

Hi Terra!

I got a nasty surprise this morning. I swapped 40 LUNA to PSI with a 1% slippage set.
When the swap went through terra station seems to have sold my Luna for 2K UST and then routed 512UST to the Terra Fee collector… a whopping slippage of 25%.

You can see the TX on: Terra Finder

This resulted in my wallet only receiving 1440 UST worth of PSI for my LUNA… I don’t see any wick on coinhall, and it seems this. A friend told my this is a similair amount of burn of the ozone burn’s, which a big fee is issued for burning. It seems the new swap module routed my swap in a odd way.

How do I go forward on this? Is this a smart contract bug? And are those funds recoverable or am I SOL?

Thanks Terra <3…