[Prop 1691] Terra v2.2: A Fair 11-point Confidence Restoration Plan for the Terra Enterprise

Constructive Support

Any plan that restores capital value focuses primarily on building value and secondarily on distributions

Burning LUNA Concept

The burning LUNA concept applies network taxes on transactions to reduce the LUNA supply

UST Collateralization Concept

The UST collateralization concept restores value in the UST by building up actual substance to restore the peg

Pay Off Small Debts and Rebuild Concept

The @Colby_Jack (wlawyer) concept focuses on rebuilding the network with new capital investments but hinges on being able to pay off the majority of old debts (the people that need to pay rent this month)

Liquidate the Properties Concept

The @Deathstar_Daddy concept begins by liquidating LUNAs back to USTs at 1:1 then apply network taxes that burn USTs to drive up its value (a subset of the 9-point recovery plan), but the Robinhood minting process between LUNA and UST must be eliminated which is central the current Terra v1’s downfall

Destructive Support (Recommend: NO)

Any plan that takes away value focuses primarily on distributions or redistributions so that holders accept a permanent loss of capital

Do Kwon Concept

5/13 The Do Kwon concept arbitrarily resets debt obligations to reboot the network by ignoring commercial fraud aspect of eliminating debt obligations by offering UST debt holders 40% of a new token

5/16 Do Kwon is now pressuring the community to take his illegal investment plan within 2 days (5/18) and ignoring his UST debt obligations by reducing from 40% to 25% (the equities cannot be rewound back and they must be valued at liquidating all LUNA and moving them completely to UST side)

FatMan Concept

The FatMan concept promises distributing remaining assets, assuming there are any value left, in stages to allow smaller fish to jump ship first

There are $87M million left. Do Kwon and TBA co-conspirators are pulling their weight to push and vote for their debt voiding plan, enrich themselves, and drain the remaining LFG Reserves to pay their salaries and bonuses without offering anything back to the community. They are not trying to save Terra v1. We can put the remaining assets towards the best value building projects or rollover and get almost nothing voting. If you are not a whale then it is nearly guaranteed you will get nothing. There is over $13B in debt with only $87M and people want to be made whole how?

False Debt Settling Concept

The false debt settling concept assumes UST holders will be settled so that TFL will be allowed to work on rebuilding LUNA without any debt obligations

Economic Refactoring Concept

The economic refactoring concept starts by pegging the LUNA and allows the UST to depeg then as UST minted supply reaches the circulation cap the UST repegs; for this concept to work the LUNA and UST must be traded and not minted between each other otherwise the net effect is saving the LUNA and destroying the UST

UST Derivatives Concept

The UST derivatives concept arbitrarily defines mortgage contracts as gold so save the LUNA and magically eliminate the UST debt obligations