Proposal Burning Luna tokens and definitive UST stabilization

Solution to the exponential excess of Luna token and stabilization of utc.

For the first case, I propose the burning of both tokens, if necessary, through a video game. It will be a fun way and where people who buy now (they have a lot of Luna tokens at a ridiculously low price) will surely play it, and others too.

I have the game in mind but I won’t say it now but it basically consists of the following:
1- 1vs1 mode
2- Different rooms with different prices and rewards. Example: player 1 and 2 pay 6 Luna to enter the room and the winner gets 9. The other 3 are burned directly.
3- Tournaments of different types and modalities
4- Easy and addictive
5-Game available until you return to X amount of Luna Token. (The recommended thing is the token that existed on 05/05/2022). This can vary and be modified.
6- Only Moon and UTC token can be used

Well I leave this option that I see viable and a way to burn ridiculously created tokens these days. Besides that it will be fun and addictive, or we lose money having fun or we recover in a big way!

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Pokemon battles! (Gameboy version style)