There are only two ways out of this - Be Realistic

  1. Burn with buyback - A lot of people are not understanding what burn means, LFG/DK will have to buy back 6.5T of the Luna in the open market, they can’t just burn it out of thin air, this would require capital, billions of dollars, so unless you guys have a plan how to raise that money, this is not an option.

  2. Fork with incentives to buy current LUNA & UST tokens - The reason DK or whoever came up with the plan where current UST and LUNA holders will get airdrops (around 35%) is to inject new capital, without this, if you are airdropped new token in any other way, you get the same value as the current chain, if you do not incentivize people to hold or buy new UST & Luna, the new chain will be the same chain as of now, i.e dead.

Be realistic, don’t fall into the trap of the likes of CZ who is just acting as if he cares, I don’t see him offering funds to buyback/burn the luna tokens, LFG is broke trying to hold the peg, so if you don’t create a new chain and incentivize outside capital, you get nothing, nada.

I could be wrong but a fork is the only way and you need to let the new money flow in with UST and Luna token sale/hodl now.


why anyone with a sane mind should put capital in a new chain? do you think they can create value out of thin air? if they really are broke creating a new chain will fix nothing, they will just move on from the dumpster fire they created on original luna, nothing more, we already have a chain, let’s work on fixing that


Yes you are wrong - this proposal fixes the issues with $ust - Terra v2.1: A 10-point recovery plan for a revenue positive enterprise - #10 by ERG - then you can also implement a burn tax. Fixing $ust creates the value for $luna, increases the burn.

The fork and new coin is illegal as they behind closed doors have been planning this while letting the current coin trade - while about to make it worthless so many hundreds of millions of new money lost that was coming in for whatever reason. DCA, scalp, longer term staking.

Look at Do’s read rate - he hasn’t read proposals - he’s doing this for himself. Someone raised to Remi on Twitter that this fork gives him back his losses - they got blocked. They said it nicely. So they have an agenda. And he will do what he wants. Sad when a project leadership operates this way.


YOu don’t need to buy back to burn. Taxing tx will do it and it is the only way forward.


Thanks for the post Goku. Although I sort of agree with ‘burning can’t really hurt us any more than now’ group, it seems that there’s something fundamentally unappealing to the developers for it. It’d be so much better for one of the TFL guys to do an AMA or something… this is the worst team ever, and even if I got an airdrop, I won’t be putting in another dime into this project. :slightly_frowning_face:


Sir, this is a casino, behind a Bonchon Chicken chicken dumpster.

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At current market price. it would only cost 1.2 billion to purchase 6.5 trillion Luna, however it would obviously spike in price if that occured.

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Taxing transactions does not encourage trading. No trading = no fees. Taxing doesn’t help the trillions of tokens that need to be burned. On top of this, the network governance is f’d due to token distribution. No sane developer will build on a blockchain with structural damage


Same here.

With the way how things were being handled and how Do can seemingly be so non chalant while fires rage outside with ppl literally unaliving themselves is kinda scary.

Not even a shred of empathy, no signs of being sorry, no damage control, just “oh my ponzi failed, let’s create a new and improved one immediately!”

If v2 fails too he’s probably gona just shrug it off again and move on to v3 without batting an eye.

Trust me when I say this guy will succeed in building his empire, but there will be many who will fall to [email protected] for him in order to achieve that.

Donno about others but that’s a huge red flag for me. Makes my stomach turn. Will nvr believe anything this guy shills.


We are dead for dokwon 2 proposal but they dont have money for buyback and burn. Why we support this? Terra Station

Just purchase at least 90% of LUNA then burn 90% of it. The remaining 10% you can sell it at higher price. Also don’t forget making updates for the blockchain to improve the system and regain the trust of the world.
This is the only solution in my opinion @dokwon @TerraLuna .


They have to burn every UST and LUNA not held in a wallet (individual’s or exchanges), or currently being staked. LUNA is not truly decentralized they can burn all the excess tokens when they code it. We’re adults here.

How does that look?
All of this UST and LUNA was minted but never moved into a wallet or staking protocol therefore is excessive. Burn it. It’s just code, let’s get real.

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Actually, his behavior and lack of concern or empathy kinda gives the creeeps…


hello,here is my plan to “raise” money,

(Introduction about “r/place” : r/place - Wikipedia)

All it takes is to attract enough people to participate in painting activities and attract a large number of current luna owners to bid for the NFT, and Luna can be burning in a short period of time,Without incurring too much external cost